After coming out of the collective shadow waves of turbulence and constriction these last weeks, we’ve now entered a more ‘mental’ transit – The realm of opinions.⁣

Opinions and judgements…⁣

It’s very clear to see these everywhere right now.⁣

From the outset of this monumental event that has rocked the citizens of earth, we have had a continuous stream of news, perspectives, peoples truths, ‘facts’ and everyone having their own opinions about whats happening, what it all means and how we are going to survive. An ‘infodemic’ as the world health organisation has aptly described it.⁣

Many lives are at stake, the primal fear of death and survival are running through the collective and feeding the panic and paranoia like never before. We’ve also been cast more into the realm of the unknown, in of itself a very uncomfortable place for many.⁣

The world is experiencing something it never has. Everyone is affected in vastly different ways, and so is their response and reaction to it. ⁣

When we’re in fear, our worst selves have the opportunity to arise from the tender places and deep defensive structures that we carry within, often from earlier life events that have been conveniently tucked away until that point. If we have an uncomfortable feeling or emotion, especially a constant stream of them such as now, the mind will get extremely busy about whats happening in an attempt to feel more safe, override the emotional body and attempt to keep everything in order…⁣

Hence we feed the already bursting collective container with more mental engagement – More opinions, more judgements and more pointing out where things need to change in the external world in order for us to feel better.⁣

Whilst there are people in deep suffering, pain and anguish, so there are the ones who are navigating things more easily. People are expressing a lot about how they may be feeling and reading the situation. The meme-lords have stepped up their game and it’s easy to see that people are finding their own special way of navigation, on whatever the feel of the day may be.⁣

Some will slow down. ⁣
Some will unplug. ⁣
Some will dance. ⁣
Some will laugh. ⁣
Some will cry. ⁣
Some will collapse.⁣
Some will feel empowered.⁣
Some will care for many others.⁣
Some will take it as a call to action to do more.⁣
Some will take it as an opportunity to express things that they’ve not been able to. ⁣
Some will find it within themselves to say sorry.
Some will find their relationships deepen.⁣
Some will fall apart. ⁣
Some will experience death of beloveds, others will not.⁣

The list goes on.⁣


None of it is wrong.⁣

There is more enforced physical division right now, than there ever has been in the world as we know it. When we judge, point the finger or feel it necessary to argue our opinion with others, it just creates even more of a divide, a split, and hence we fall back into the shadow and become deeper victims of it in our realties.⁣

At times it’s the lightness and humour that will allow people to find their shine once again, and the darkness and grief that will perhaps be the catalyst and invitation for someone to enter their own deeper healing process. ⁣

All of it is perfect. ⁣

May all of it be welcome.⁣

Some days will be up, some down. If we see someone who is enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives, we have no idea what their internal state was the day before that. Perhaps there is no need to remind them of how serious things are or judge them for their way of being and their expression of it.⁣

We can relax that inner fixer and judge within these times and live and let live. Especially this next week as we transit through this time and have the opportunity to bring ourselves into more personal integrity, farsightedness and deeper love, however we can manage it.⁣

We are who we are, and we will continue to find our own extremely different ways through this process and everything it brings up for us personally, and as a collective human community.⁣

As we trek this dark night, may we choose care, compassion and greater love, both for ourselves and everyone else in this human adventure.⁣


Dan Regan
? – Shuttershock⁣

#unity #presence #globalpause