If you haven’t seen the video or heard about the melee that broke out at Disneyland a few days ago, consider yourself among the lucky few. The pictures were a reminder that the rest of us are now forced to deal with crazy, out of control, childish, narcissistic behavior… not just at The Happiest Place on Earth, but unfortunately, all the time in our everyday lives. How many visitors to Disneyland that day are now permanently scarred because of a few hot-tempered, selfish people? If just one child was impacted, well, that’s one child too many.

How did this happen? When did people start airing more than their dirty laundry in public? And why? Is it because so many of those who walk among us were never told NO? Or maybe it’s their (lack of) coping skills. Do these people know that crazy fighting and cussing does not solve problems; most of the time it just makes things worse?

What about this idea: Even if you are having a child-like adventure for a day, there may come a time to remember that someone needs to be the adult in the room…or if you’re at Disneyland, in Toon Town. And what about the children being raised in that environment? Let’s all just shake our heads in disbelief.

Yes, Auntie usually has a light touch about these things, mixed with a bit of advice for getting through the mess unscathed. Right now, Auntie just want to hit “Delete” and pretend that she never saw those people going at it, without any concern for anyone else, in public at Disneyland of all places. The irony of it all.

And there’s the heart of the issue—what if just one of those people in that fighting family, thought about someone else—be it their matriarch in the motorized buggy or the little ones screaming in fear? We’d all be better off. There wouldn’t be a viral video of a fight at Disneyland, and no one would have had a ruined afternoon.

Now, a hint for this type of situation…Well, of course Auntie has quite a few for dealing with the self-centered in our midst…here’s just one:

Sometimes, people are just crazy–not fun crazy, but mean crazy. Remember–you never know when the crazy will manifest, but once you do, leave–and never, ever come back. That’s right, just find the nearest exit and use it. There are too many wonderful nice-crazy people out there to waste your time with the others.