Ever felt like a fraud when it came to your own success? Have you received a promotion or been appointed to run a new company objective? Then felt completely out of place when you did? There is a term for that – Imposter Syndrome. We love convincing ourselves that we are undeserving or not good enough based on our own fears, both real and fabricated. Anytime we start something new, we’re bound to feel a little out of place. The good news? Imposter syndrome is usually a direct result of success.

“Anytime we start something new, we’re bound to feel a little out of place”

I went through a phase where for about three years, every single job I had interviewed for, I received an offer. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Instead of recognizing this as a success, or at the very least having kick-ass interviewing skills, I convinced myself that I was just great at BS-ing hiring managers and that my skills didn’t actually measure up to what they needed. I never believed I was actually qualified enough for the job, even though I was.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve felt less than capable at some point in your life. Career aside, Imposter Syndrome can present itself in other areas of your life as well. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to completely banish this syndrome, but there are things you can do to rise above it.

Notice how you speak to yourself

The way you speak to ourselves plays a crucial role in your mental well-being. If you’re using doubtful language when talking to yourself, it’s time to turn that around in your favor. Instead of saying “I might be able to do that” say, “I am more than capable enough to do that.” Removing doubt and speaking to yourself as if you’re your biggest fan (and you should be) will reinforce the beliefs that you are good enough and you do deserve every great opportunity headed your way.

Make a list of all your accomplishments

I started doing this at my most recent job. Keep a notepad or document where you write out all your accomplishments both big and small. Anything and everything counts. You can apply this to your personal life as well. Whenever feelings of inadequacy arise, reference your list to remind yourself of amazing things you’ve done in the past. If you’re stuck, ask your friends, family, and peers. It’s sometimes too easy to forget the great things we have to offer when we’re stuck feeling like an imposter.

Remember there is someone less qualified than you

Ever heard the saying “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce”? While I’m not trying to undermine Queen B’s talent and perfection, my point is: There is someone out there far less qualified than you who has what you want. The career, the salary, the work-life balance, everything. The difference? They freely opened themselves up to opportunity without allowing debilitating thoughts stand in their way. It isn’t stopping them, so why let it stop you?

Don’t doubt your superiors

I’m talking about the folks that got you to where you are now. They’re not stupid. Respect them and know that they are fully capable of doing their job and choosing the best person for the role. If they didn’t believe in you, you probably wouldn’t have gotten that promotion or new project in the first place. They’re rooting for you, and if they’re not, prove them wrong.

Rewrite your story

The story you’ve told yourself about who you are is probably not one you’d want to share with the class. So rewrite it. Highlight it. Draw stars on it. Our psyche is a powerful place. Everything we think and act upon starts in our mind. Tell yourself about the amazing and wonderful things you’ve accomplished, the person you are striving to be, and the places you plan on going. Believe it and accept it as your truth.

Originally published at www.todaywithtara.com