As COVID-19 numbers diminish in response to vaccinations, and restrictions ease, many of us are eager to resume our pre-pandemic lives as we remember them. We have struggled through many months of isolation and persistent grief. Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we think we should feel excited, joyous, and free. Yet the reality is that many of us feel stressed and anxious. How will we rise above these difficult feelings to enjoy our freedom and move into a new future?

When we’re in an emotional crisis, we may reach out to friends and family only to feel disappointed that they weren’t able to truly help us. The truth is that each of us has the ability to access our own inner therapist to overcome stress and anxiety. Spirit is all around us, and always communicating with us, offering support and guidance. We wonder who will save us. Who can we turn to for help? But the answer is you! You can turn to you. When you trust and you listen, things start changing and you begin to feel better.

Think yourself better

You have the ability to think positively and draw toward you everything you want. You have the ability to think yourself better. This is your choice. Imagine your dreams and desires vividly, and with good feelings, enthusiasm, and expectancy. Sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, and envision your dreams as reality, painting in all of the details. By thinking positive thoughts about our lives that are full of joy and gratitude, we attract good things to us. When you envision the life you want, it opens the door for your vision to become reality.

Be aware of the quality and tone of your thoughts

It is essential to be fully aware of the quality and tone of your thoughts, as they are the basis of your creative force, your life force. Come to your thoughts with gratitude and not resentment. It is so easy to slip into thinking negative things about our lives, but it’s important that our thoughts reflect what we love about our life. Focus on the abundance of possible positive outcomes to challenging situations rather than expecting the worst. Have faith that things will work out for the best rather than thinking that things will go wrong. Thoughts have power, so use them wisely.

Find happiness inside YOU

Avoid looking around you to try and find happiness “out there”; your happiness emanates from within you and is continually influenced by your thoughts. What another person does, thinks, or feels cannot provide your happiness, nor can any of that take your happiness away. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking, but instead focus on manifesting with your own good thoughts and dreams. When we stop worrying about what other people are thinking, we open the door to spirit coming in and guiding us to a better place.

Think kind thoughts

If you want to experience a profound level of happiness and well-being, be passionately aware of how you are thinking about other people. If you think unkind thoughts about another person, happiness cannot flourish. On the other hand, thinking thoughts of compassion, understanding, and warmth toward another raises the energetic vibration for both of you — even if those thoughts are never spoken out loud. Replace your resentment towards others with wishes that they have everything they dream of, just as you would wish for yourself.

Thought is the action that creates your life

Whether you focus your attention negatively or positively, a thought is far more than an invisible construct of the mind. Thought is dynamic, unleashing waves of energy into the world. Thought is the action that creates your life. Live by this great truth. Use your power to choose your thoughts wisely and you will be happy with your results.