Everyone deep down wants to live a remarkable life, but not everyone wants to do the hard work of living a disciplined life. 

One thing I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of leaders across the planet: change is hard, but not impossible. 

Change causes fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith is at the heart of confidence…trusting you are up to the challenge you are facing. 

This type of self-belief requires personal discipline…

Discipline means dedicating your time going to work on yourself. 

Discipline means not shrinking back from challenges. 

Discipline means fighting the temptation to give into fear. 

Discipline means stopping procrastinating and facing difficult situations and people you’ve been avoiding. 

Discipline means not allowing failure, heartache, a lack of resources, or the absence of support determine your success. 

Discipline comes from the Latin word for ‘knowledge or instruction.’ 

You don’t know what you don’t know. Which is why having a mentor or a coach in your life is so powerful. We help you see what you can’t on your own. 

Here are a few simple ways you can cultivate more discipline in your personal and professional life today…

Discipline is about cultivating daily habits to tap into the universe of possibility alive inside of you – your strengths, skills, knowledge and experience. 

In order to grow you need a new challenge that demands your best self. This requires the humility and willingness to learn new skills. Learning new skills requires you prioritise and structure your life. I.e., discipline. 

If you feel stuck, apathetic, hopeless or lost…congratulations, you have an opportunity today to change…

The first step is making yourself uncomfortable.

Comfort comes from the Latin word meaning, ‘to strengthen’.

All growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone. 

Taking a hard look at yourself can be quite a fearful experience. 

Most people get busy, burnt out, distracted and escape just so they never have to do the hard work of facing their inner demons. 

You may be one of them. The good news is there’s a better way forward. 

The second step is to get brutally honest with yourself.

Where are you self-sabotaging today? Be specific:

  • Physically? 
  • Mentally?
  • Relationally? 
  • Spiritually? 

Based on how you’ve answered above, you have a clear picture of where you are today. 

Now ask yourself, why do you want to change? Be specific.

If you don’t consciously take control of your life, someone else will.

True story.

Why would you choose to give someone else control over your future? 

The third step is to create a plan of action.

3 Key Questions

  • What do you need to start doing right now? Jot down at least 3 ideas…
  • ​What do you need to stop doing right now? Jot down at least 3 ideas…
  • What do you need to keep doing right now? Jot down at least 3 ideas…

If you truly want to be exceptional stop pretending and start acting on what you know you need to do in order to change and grow. 

The fourth step is to surround yourself with people better than you are.

This life is about relationships. Who you surround yourself with is who you become. 

Living a disciplined life is also about receiving instruction. 

Be teachable. Soak up the knowledge of the greats that have gone before you. Immerse yourself in learning. Develop an insatiable curiosity for wisdom and truth. Make yourself do the necessary things.

Choose you heroes wisely, because you will become like them. Choose your friends wisely as well…their habits, language and behaviour will become your own. 

List out your five closest relationships:


  • How are they making you a better human being? 
  • How are they holding you back? 

Make room for generous, noble and faithful people in your life. 

Let go of relationships that are holding you back and stunting your growth. Choose to surround yourself with people who are stronger, smarter and more successful than you are. 

Learn from them. Listen to them. Watch how they live. 

Deep down you want to stop procrastinating and be challenged. You want to give yourself to something greater, something purposeful, something saturated with meaning. 

Imagine what would happen if you took the first step today?


  • Steve Knox

    Executive Coach + Writer

    Knox Consulting Group, LLC

    Steve Knox is the author of Smooth Running WeirdConfidence: The Science & Art of Self-BeliefThe Asymmetrical Leader; the founder of imprint, and a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, spirituality, and well-being. Some of the best companies on the planet have trusted Steve to develop and invest in their people. He splits time between Houston, TX and Sydney, AU.