Constantly you might be thinking that you cannot sleep during nights, while world is in deep slumber and moon has already reached heights and telling you to sleep. The feeling of being alone and as a student with constant peer pressure, academic hustles and personal problems has deep rooted in the minds of current generation. Probably an increasing number of students moreover in the teenage and nearby age groups find themselves as prey to these kind of stresses. There is clear balance between the stress and relaxation in every stages of life. After 25 years, I may not be best perosn to advice on well being. However, I thought to write this personal experience after reading some handful of Well Being articles in web and magazines, with different Therpaies and medications.

What I am going to to share with you might seem natural and unnatural through different perspective. Natural, It is faced by many people. Unnatural, well how can you keep it up.

During college education many students feel acdemic pressure concentrated with expectations from parents, relatives or friends. Apart from that you spend most of the time being alone if you have different view over some things and topics. That idea of being natural and open minded makes you to act like you are satisfying everyone around you. In this race, I fell out. I started to single out myself and slowly it became addiction. I would not go out and talk to more people. I started to hate even some people even if I see them. The idea was to get better than some people and get praised for what you do. I would constantly spend sleepless nights to improve myself. Be it studies during college and experiments during graduation studies. Night is the best medicine one person needs when he is alone or becoming paranoid. The night has the elements of hiding some things as compared to days. So, most of us like to do some specific personal things by staying up late night. The sleep deprivation was on the course on me. I could go up to 3 days without a sleep and still walk properly. May be, there are more worse peoiple than me. I give up, if someone bets on that. But still it was worse for me as compared to my old days. I started to hate somethings and some people. I was getting irritated with simple funny jokes on me by my friends. I started to built myself like a singled out strict man. I was also doing good in my studies. Here, one point is getting good marks is not good at studies. May be I was good in studies, I was destroying my habits, health and thinking capabilities with sleep deprivation. The sleep depriovation has been shown to affect your learning and decision making skills in group and can seriously hamper your immunity in terms of helathy and fit life. I also started to put on weight and feel more and more stressed. This is more common in the population at the brink where they dont know stess is leading to become unhelathy or its the other way. At this cross road, where I believed in getting motivation from nature and from your past. One of the key learnings I had from my father was to get up early in the morning. The morning holds the key for the rest of the day. If you breathe good and fresh air, then you can cheer up for the day to come after a nice breakfast. Here, I remebered my schooldays. We used to wake up daily morning around 4:30 am and start the morning with regular exercises and meeting each other. This was in a residential school set up. The positive thing I took was to get up early in the morning. I needed some motivation to wake up in the morning. You can have your appointments or set up some work in the morning. This is to make sure you wake up in themorning on a daily basis. For me, I started to wake up early in the morning and jog around campus and live the school memories through fresh air. Although I was alone. I always thought this is going to be better. I started to feel better for the rest of the day, when I have jogged or run in the morning. This comparison in routine changes gave me better results and I was feeling a lot better. I did not consult any doctor. No therapies, no medication. Rather, I watch up some motivational stories on youtube and some articles to freshen up daily. Apart from that, to keep myself busy during some weekends and holidays, I took up some hobbies, like Writing, Sketching and Photography. I am still learning all of these hobbies. No doubt I don’t use them like professionals do. But these hobbies add up to the day I spent and scatters happiness in beams. These give me some time to spend with me alone in a better way. Not the previous rude and arrogant me. Everything you come across has some thing to benefit you in some ways. I started look for better and positivity in evrything that’s happening around me. I joined the gym, which may not be good idea for may due to rigorous strain on your body. It is still in my list, due to the fact that it is a type of motivation. You invested your money and you need to show up everyday so that money is not wasted. And time never waits for anyone. This one motivation really changed a lot in me. I started travelling, although alone. Apart from friends and known people, I started to connect to strangers in a good way and made some surprising new friends. I saw improvements in my schedule planning and taking out time for important things. When you do things in a proper way, you get results. And you become satisfied somewhat. One of my friend also tells me, to make yourself mentally and physically stressed throughout the day, so that by evening you just want those eyes to shut down for few hours. This is what sleep is. When you are tired and doing your daily work in a proper way, meeting people and talking to them. You have to exhaust yourself. In a way, convert the energy into productive ways of doing something better.

And this is not easy if you loose the habit on your way by getting some hickups or temporary setbacks in your routine due to other appointments. I do believe, you might not do the same on daily basis 365*24*7. But, you can consistently improve on what you have done previously in past. For example, you used to do burn food while cooking. But now, you can cook for yourself and enjoy the taste. This is also another hobby I developed when I started to live alone. Most of the planning goes in making control over your food, what you eat and what not. And then you control your day, by hitting morning runs or gym everyday. By evening, after a workday, you are too tired for a sleep. Shower up and have a sound sleep.

Summed up healthy habits.

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Show up for some routine exercises, runs or gym
  3. Talk to people and interact for better views about life and work
  4. Create or adopt some hobbies to cheer up days
  5. Travel a lot and if expensive, travel nearby places. Keep it natural.
  6. Cook better food when you can
  7. Start living life with positivity

Many might think, at this point, we can just order food, eat and sleep right. Well, then what’s up for motivation when you go down on ordered food on daily basis.

Talk to friends, family and people around you. You don’t need to right away start therapies if you are deprived of sleep. Nature has better solutions in reserve for some of the problems. Help each other and make world a better place.