As humans, we make day-to-day decisions that steer our lives in a certain direction. Several factors influence your decision, but recently a study has stated that society’s fear is one of the factors that affect how people act or behave several times. This got us thinking that is it really a factor you should even think about in decision making?

Humans are social animals; hence, society’s structure helps us function better, but that being said, your personal decisions should not be based upon what other people may perceive.

The fact is that every individual has their own opinion about everything, and it is impossible to satisfy everyone. If you base your decision on how people will perceive it, you will still not satisfy everyone. You may end up angering your near and dear ones who matter just to please a few strangers. A better way to handle a situation is to do what feels right for the situation and benefit you.

Further, what people speak fades away really soon as they get something else to gossip about, and you become old news. Society may get judgemental towards you, but the situation does not remain the same as it pretty quickly moves to the next person.

Let’s take the example of people who use marijuana for medical reasons. Most people who do so hide the fact that they are scared of being judged by people, whereas they use it for purely medical reasons. If people come to know about the usage, they may judge you as an addict. So, would you let this fear come in between your medical needs? In such a scenario, you cannot stop what people think and choose to believe; hence do not base your decision upon their beliefs. Instead, enroll in Arizona medical marijuana program to cater to your medical needs.

Remember, nothing you ever do is ever going to please everyone. If you decide to please society and end up getting in a glitch, society will not help you out; instead, you have to make your own efforts to overcome issues in your life. When the judgemental people out there are not the ones to stand behind you when you need them, why bother yourself by worrying about what they think?

The only thing that matters is your close friends and family think of your decision as they care for you and will never give any advice that would hurt your well-being.

If you still have some apprehensions, get to the root of the fear and learn deeply about yourself. You have to find meaning in your life, which will make you strong-headed, and you will find it easy to ignore people who do not matter.

You can dismiss such people altogether, hence learn how to deal with politeness in a few words but express your thoughts clearly so that they leave you alone and can easily not care about them anymore.


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