Hello my fellow Awakener! 

Have you been having that feeling lately that you’ve been patient long enough, and you really just want to get to the juice of your life? 

Like there is a higher version of you that you haven’t fully embodied yet, and maybe you thought you would have by now…

Maybe she is leaner, happier, more abundant, more fulfilled…

Well , I get it.

I know what it’s like to constantly feel like you’re not enough, not doing enough, and missing the mark on where you want to be in your life. 

So much so, that I’ve spent over a decade of my life on personal development, and over $100k on coaches, workshops, masterminds, online courses, and travelling to live conferences and events across North America, over to Europe, Bali, and the Caribbean. 

But nothing has been more powerful, than what I’m about to share with you today…
The number one reason we may not be yet in our lives where we desire to be, whether that is;

  • leaving our 9-5 and starting our own soul aligned business, or
  • rising to become the soul aligned leader we desire to be within our job/company, or
  • growing our network marketing tribe as swiftly and powerfully as possible 

– Is not because we don’t have enough time or money to do so, but because we are succumbing to our (in most cases, unknown) deepest power leak. 

Though if you prefer to keep reading instead, here’s a summary for you…

Whether we can see it or not, if we are not living up to our fullest potential right now, there is a reason for it beyond the excuses our mind/ego would like to appease us with.

There is a soul cup we are trying to fill, that has an empty bottom because our core power leak is keeping it that way.

So we find ourselves working harder and harder. Doing more things. Trying more new things. 

Only to wonder why it’s not working, and we don’t seem to be moving any further ahead towards our goals/intentions/desires. 

Whether you are seeking to take your existing business and message to the next level, leave your 9-5 for good, or see some steady momentum as you rise as a leader and inspiration in your job…something just isn’t right. 

When this is happening, there are 3 key steps that will help you overcome what’s holding you back from truly aligning with your highest self, and your deepest potential;

1) Identify Your Core Power Leak 
– I tried for years to figure out what was holding me back on my own. Over a decade of my life, and thousands of dollars on travel and tickets to big conferences and taking online courses, reading endless books, watching endless youtube videos and listening to endless podcasts. What I found is that finding a coach or mentor and connecting with them in person on an intimate level (not at a big live event with hundreds of other people, but rather at a small intimate gathering) was the most powerful, and quickest, way that I could pinpoint the power leaks specific to me. I needed someone who knows this work, and that was outside of my own head to give me the clarity I couldn’t see for myself.

2) Heal and Release
– It’s not just enough to identify the core power leak. We must actually do what it takes to heal this core wound and release it, otherwise it remains. Like spotting a hole in your swimming inner tube – you can see where the hole is and that is SUPER helpful and necessary, but just staring at it won’t do anything. You have a choice to invest in healers to help you with this, but I also train my clients to become self-healers on a more regular basis as well. Where you may go to a spa treatment once in a while, you may only work with a healer once in a while, too. It’s important to be self-healing regularly, and if we ever get a chance to meet and work together, I can show you how to do this, too. 

3) Take *New* Soul Inspired Action based on your new found Clarity + Empowerment 
Once you have taken steps 2 and 3, you will see where your misalignment was, and what actions you were taking (or not taking) because of your power leak. Now that this is behind you, you can see clearly what’s meant for you, and your next steps to rising into it – Into your highest potential…

I hope this is eye opening and helpful for you. A friend and colleague of mine recently asked what I would be doing differently if this were the last 6 months I had to share my message. It knocked the wind out of me because I realized there is still so much on my heart to share with you. The deeper stuff. The deeply effective, transformative, soul shifting work coming through me to be shared with you – so that you will connect and embody your Highest Self and your Best life – immediately.

The world needs you to be your BEST you, . And I feel deeply connected to helping you rise into her.

You were made for this.