Do you get sweaty palms every time you’re on an airplane? Do you dose up on anti-anxiety pills before every flight just so you can sleep through the journey? Do you dread every flight you’re on that this will be the one flight that will flout all safety rules and come crashing down? Well, if you feel all the above and more on every flight you board, it means you have a chronic fear of flying, or ‘Aviophobia’, and you’re not the only one who has it. There are scores of people all over the world who panic just like you on every flight they board.


Some fear of flying statistics and research suggests that nearly 20 percent of fliers experience some form of aviophobia before or after boarding a flight. There is also the theory that people with anxiety are most prone to having a chronic fear of flying. But this is just a suggestive theory as plenty of people who aren’t sufferers of anxiety also suffer panic attacks on airplanes. Whether you’re traveling business class or economy, flight phobia can hit anyone anytime. So how does one overcome their fear of flying? While there isn’t a magical solution that will take your aviophobia away instantly, there are a few things you can do to reduce it. Follow some of the tips below on your next flight journey and see how much of a difference it can make.

1. Always book an aisle seat

Aviophobia coupled with a fear of heights can be a dangerous combination. If you’re already afraid of flying, peering out the window while soaring 30,000 feet in the air will make you queasy for sure. Always try to book an aisle seat which will help you avoid having to look out the window even accidentally. It will also be easier for you to move around the aircraft whenever required to do so. If you’re claustrophobic, an aisle seat will help you avoid feeling ‘trapped’ in a window or middle seat.

2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Many nervous fliers have the thought that one drink or some caffeine will help take the edge off when flying. However, alcohol and caffeine can sometimes actually have the opposite effect and make you edgier. You’ll also have trouble dozing off after a drink or two. You don’t want to be even more jittery and nervous when already plagued by fear of flying. So it’s generally a good idea to avoid these on flight journeys. This is one of the must-do tips to avoid adding to your fear of flying.

3. Distract yourself

It’s always a great idea to bring along some things that will distract you from the aspects of flying that normally terrify you. For instance, you can pack a pair of earphones and an mp3 player to listen to some of your favorite songs. If the flight you’re on happens to have internet access, then you can bring your tablet or laptop along as well. Get some work done or binge-watch some of your favorite shows through the flight journey. Don’t forget to pack these especially when traveling on last-minute flights that leave you no time to prepare for the journey.

4. Breathe and meditate

It’s a popular belief and a generally accepted fact that breathing exercises and meditation help calm the nerves of anxiety-hit people. Get help from a professional in this regard and learn a couple of simple breathing techniques to practice calming yourself on the flight. Certain meditation techniques help as well. You can start practicing these couple of days before departure to decrease your fear of flying. These are simple exercises that you can do even on the airplane if you need to.

5. See a professional

If you’re still very nervous about flying even after you’ve taken the above-mentioned steps, consult with a professional. See your doctor or therapist for a counseling session or two to help calm your nerves. They can prescribe certain fear of flying medication that will help you on your flight journey. You can also ask for mild sleeping pills that will let you peacefully snooze through the dreaded flight journey.

It’s not an uncommon or unnatural thing for anyone to be plagued with a chronic fear of flying. But you shouldn’t let aviophobia stop you from flying. The world is full of beautiful places just waiting for you to come explore them! Besides, flights are actually one of the safest forms of travel around. Just follow the above tips the next time you’re air traveling and you will notice the difference yourself. Overcoming fear of flying will actually be pretty easy this way. So book cheap flights with Indian Eagle and have a happy, anxiety-free, and safe flight journey!