Don’t you love using the words idiot and complexity in the same line? The things that make life complex are the times when humans are motivated from their amygdala (fight or flight) instead of their prefrontal cortex (rational behavior). Everyone knows this is why I became a coach, because I thought work would be so much more fun if everyone acted like a grownup.

Back to the point. In The Idiot’s Book of Wine, page 5, it says, “A wine with complexity is a wine with more than one simple flavor. The complex wine has layers of flavors and nuances that make it more interesting and enjoyable than a simple wine. The flavor of a complex wine might be described as tasting of raspberries with hints of chocolate.”

In this case, the raspberries in your leadership might be the things you studied in college or the certifications you’ve earned. The chocolate in your leadership is the soul, the presence, the mindfulness you bring to your company or team.

This is hard enough when all things work together for good, but what about our leadership in a complex working environment that’s not supportive, and maybe even hostile, for women? This is why we need strong inner leadership.

Women have been in power for thousands of years. Some of us own it and some of have fallen asleep waiting for an invitation to step into the calling THAT’S ALREADY OURS. It belongs to all of us, men and women. We are living on a precipice. We hear God and we’re standing on the edge of a beautiful future where we are in full possession of our gifts and it’s time to stop waiting for permission and step into our calling.

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  • Donna Carlson

    Women's Leadership & Life Strategy Coach

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    Women comprise 56% of the workforce but so many of us don't ask for what we want. Why is that? After a 30 year career accepting second best, living like a race horse held behind the start gate, Donna Carlson changed her strategy from being a thermometer - reflecting the mores of the world around her - to being a thermostat. Now Donna coaches women to own their personal style and leadership power.