Arianna Giasou!!

My name is Katerina and I have been following you in the media because you are my favorite powerful female personality who has made a great impact in this world! I am coached at this time from Steve who helps me with my personal development and better wealth and asked me to watch your videos because we both are coming from Greek background. He suggested that when I hear your story will really inspire me to transform and make an impact in my life. And surely did.

I just felt an amazing admiration for your mother also. Your mother was so way ahead of her times to help you with your dream to study in England at Cambridge University. I am fascinated how much you wanted this change in your life and wanted to move to another country. I love that you embrace good health and sleep.  I often talk to my patients a lot about how your personal injury was a weak up call to even create a nap room at the working environment.

My coach challenged me to meet you in person because he knows how much I was affected from your interviews and your work in the whole world. I first heard your interview from Tim Ferriss and I couldn’t believe there is a woman like you from Greece who speaks right in my heart!! I felt your empowerment and I feel that I want to follow your example and be as bright as I can be. I am a nurse practitioner also in the medical school. I always placed things on hold due to not being enough or too old. This time I want to pursue my dreams and I want to make you proud as being another Greek.

Arianna since I have heard you talking about everything you have achieved as a female (and with accent) I started to embrace my accent and love everything about it. I have been in this country since 2004 and It was really difficult for me to proceed with divorce in 2015. I felt like a powerless immigrant with no support since all my family was in Greece. I decided that I have been carrying a culture with me that has made me feel very insecure as a woman especially being alone without a man to lead me and tell me what to do in my life. I grew up in a country that females were not supposed to talk back to males and we had to serve the men in the house. My dream was to become an actress. I starred in a play in the theater and on the radio and television between age 12-18. One of my best friends introduced me to a Greek actor so I can play in one of the Greek movies.  I made an appointment and I met him to discuss the role on this movie when I was on my 20s and that night I was rapped  and never saw him again. My thought was I can not say anything to anyone and it was my fault to meet him and believe that I had the chance to play this role in the movie. I was molested as a child from my best friend’s dad and family and I thought that none will believe me. I carried this secret with me until my 40’s and I was ashamed. 

in 2015 while taking a divorce I decided  it was time for me to take a personal development and leadership seminar and getting stronger physically by training for marathons and triathlons. I feel that finally  I am on my way to grow and make difference in this world instead of being a victim.

I will be very grateful and honored to come and meet you anywhere you are!!

My Regards