Do you ever feel like you somehow get knocked back two steps every time you move forward?  Do you feel like something terrible seems to follow anytime something good happens?  Everyone has stories to tell, some more than others, but the bottom line is life is full of challenges.

From the moment we leave our mother’s womb and enter the path of life, our journey begins, and life’s challenges begin to unravel.

It’s how we overcome life’s key challenges.

When life is grand, we feel like we are on top of the world.  Our heart is filled with happiness. We can feel the joy flowing through our bodies and carry a smile from ear to ear.

However, when obstacles creep up behind us and boldly knock us down, it is at that moment when we can feel the happiness and joy that immense our soul suddenly disappears.

The fear of the unknown begins to fill our hearts, and then panic, pain, and depression follow.  They may all not come at once. However, the longer we wait, the harder it will be to overcome them.

So then the million dollar question is how do you overcome life’s challenges without life’s challenges overcoming you?

7 Ways to Overcoming life’s challenges

Releasing the power within us

Our inner spirit holds five crucial components that will help us through any challenge in life.  They are faith, courage, wisdom, strength, and hope.

Faith is the ability to believe in a higher source of existence that carries the ability to help and heal the ones in need.  This is a powerful tool. Faith brings hope, and hope gives us strength.  Strength gives us courage.  The courage to use our minds to find the solution, and with all five components, you’ll have what it takes to overcome any challenge.

Clearing your mind

When challenges enter our life and obstacles block us from getting to where we want to be, many become scared.  We become scared of the unknown, and the common emotion that many people experience is anxiety.  It is not uncommon to panic in scary situations.  However, if you let these emotions overcome and take control, you will not be able to think clearly and figure out what to do next to overcome the challenges life has stored upon you.

The first step to help you overcome your changes is to clear your mind.  It’s not possible to find a solution when you have a bundle of thoughts and emotions in your mind and body. Here’s an easy and effective way to clear your mind.

Take a moment to find a quiet spot away from everyone.  Maybe a room that brings you positive energy or a feeling of peace.

  1. Light a candle
  2. Sit on the floor
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Place your hands on your knees
  5. Close your thumb and the finger next to it, so it makes a circle
  6.  Take a deep breath.  In through the nose, out through the mouth.
  7. Visualize something peaceful, like a dove flying in the air.
  8. Clear your mind and slow your breathing down.
  9. Focus on your inner self
  10. Then place yourself in a child’s pose for as long as you need and slowly set your body into a sitting position.

 How to do a child’s pose

Child’s Pose
  1. Kneel on the floor.
  2. Sit back on your heels with your arms at your sides.
  3. Slowly bend forward until your stomach touches your thighs.
  4. Try to keep your tush against your foot’s heels if you cannot; no worries. Only do what is comfortable for your body.
  5. Put your hands straight out in front of you.  Make sure the palms of your hands are down, touching the floor.
  6. Breathe slowly and gently lay your neck and forehead against the floor.

If you are at a friend’s house or public area, go to a quiet spot or the bathroom and do steps three to nine.

Face your challenge. Don’t run from it.

It’s hard to face the obstacles preventing you from moving forward.  This is why many people stay in denial when a problem occurs.  Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t go away.  For most, it only worsens over time or keeps you stagnant and prevents you from moving forward.

The reason why so many choose denial is the fear of failure or the fear of the known. The only way to overcome your obstacles is to face your fears.  You need to believe in yourself.

Here’s an exercise you can do.

Create a journal and create a page for inner strengths in that journal. Write down all your inner strengths.  On the next page, write down everything you like about yourself.

Then write, close your eyes, and repeat, “I am a strong person who can overcome anything I set my mind to do.”  But just don’t say it. Believe it.

Remember, obstacles don’t go away on their own accept them and then do something about them.

Create a Strategic Plan

  1. Begin by writing down the problem. 
  2. Then write down what’s causing them.
  3. Then make a list of possible solutions to fix the obstacle or make it small enough that it’s not holding you back from moving forward.
  4. Create a list of short-term goals.  Think about what you can do each day to help overcome your obstacle. 
  5. Take one day at a time.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  6. Make sure you’re using your time wisely.  Write down what you do each day and eliminate the things in your life that are wasting precious time.

Talk To People That Have Overcame Similar Problems

Knowledge is wealth.  Ask others for help who have gone through similar situations and overcame them.  Ask them what they did and what worked best for them.  Having guidance and support from the right people can decrease stress, strengthen you and help you get through it.  Remember, you’re not alone.  No matter the obstacle, I guarantee you there are a bunch of people who went through similar situations, overcame them, and are willing to help others like you.

Connect with Your Emotions

During these stressful times, remember never to repress your emotions because, eventually, you’ll feel numb and unable to function well. Meditate, write in a journal or talk to a close friend or professional.  Expressing how you feel will help you focus and develop the strength to overcome what you are going through.

Don’t Give Up

Never give up on yourself.  You can do it! Believe in yourself and use the techniques above to release the power within you.  You have what it takes to overcome obstacles.  Take a deep look inside yourself.  You’ll be stunned to see what you find.