By Sahara Rose

We’ve all been there—unable to maintain eye contact with our credit card statements, lusting over something you know you can’t afford, going over your debit card swipes and realizing you have no idea what half the stuff you bought is.

As the creator of the Abundance Mindset Masterclass, I have found you can overcome these money blocks by working on your mindset first. Here are my five tips for breaking past mental money blocks that are holding you back from attracting abundance.

  1. Realize that you already are abundance. Everything in nature is abundant—the leaves, the flowers, the waves, the clouds. Abundance is your birthright and who you are in your truest nature. Scarcity is a conditioned mindset that we must overcome to achieve and accept abundance.
  2. Think big. Most people focus on the small stuff—how much money they spend on their latte, whether they should buy gas at this place or the next. While you certainly can save money doing that, it’s not what will make the difference between scarcity and abundance. For abundance, you have to think big. What can you put out there in the world of value that people will pay you for? This is why it’s important to read books, take courses and educate ourselves on what abundance can truly look like, otherwise we have such a limited scope of what is possible.
  3. Surround yourself by abundant-minded people. You take on the beliefs of the people you spend your time with. If the common dialogue is “I don’t have enough money to get this,” or “Those damn rich people have it so easy,” or “I’m SOOO broke,” then guess what? That is going to become your internal dialogue, which will then become your reality. Surround yourself by high-vision people doing incredible things. Just from being around them, you’ll learn the habits of abundant people in a way you couldn’t find anywhere else.
  4. Drop the victimhood. Are you walking around with the story, “I didn’t grow up with money, so I don’t know how to manage it,” or “Only rich people get those types of opportunities” or “It takes money to make money.” That is exactly what is holding you back. Realize that you are in power of your future and you can turn it around as soon as you decide to. Every day, there are people breaking free from poverty by empowering themselves. There is no such thing as being “born” lucky—even many people who grew up with money have their own issues. Your obstacles are your gifts. They’re exactly what you need to overcome in order to get to the next evolution of who you are meant to become.
  5. Take care of yourself. You’re never going to have true wealth if you don’t have true health. Wealth is so much more than money—it is being abundant in all areas of your life, in mind, body and spirit. This is not “get rich or die trying.” This is “live in alignment with your sacred mission on this planet and create wealth along the way because you freakin’ deserve it!” Eating right for your Dosha (mind-body type), self-care, meditation, exercise and sleep are all essential to true radiant health. Don’t lose sight of what matters on your path to abundance.

Originally published in Harness Magazine.

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