Have you ever wished that there was a magic wand which could transform the way you look entirely? If yes, then I must break it to you that you have a negative body image issue.

I am hoping you must be aware of this fact by now, if not let me make it clear for you. The lack of confidence and wish to look like someone else means insecurities about your physical self which is widely known as body image issues.

Now, do not panic, it is not an untreatable condition and you are not the only one going through it. Most women in the world are conscious about something or the other and no one is completely satisfied with the way they look. Why do you think the cosmetic surgery field is thriving?

Frankly, body image has absolutely nothing to do with size, shape or how you look but it is all about the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The fashion industry has set an unachievable paradigm of how one should look. All the models with perfect jawbones, nearly zero fat and an hourglass figure can give any woman an inferiority complex. Are you trying to achieve those standards? Stop right there and start being realistic. Most of these models must be literally starving and undergone multiple cosmetic procedures to look like that. There is nothing wrong in wanting to look nice but not because you hate how you look currently. You need to learn to accept and love yourself first before you take such drastic steps.

How can you do that? Let me help you below;

Show Gratitude Towards Your Body:

Be glad that you can breathe, that you are living. Your body may be overweight, or you may find yourself unattractive but if you are healthy, be grateful about that as it is a good starting point.

Focus on Being Healthy, not Skinny:

You do not want to resort to unhealthy means to lose weight. Your aim should be overall fitness which means eating right and exercising enough. It will take some time to get in shape, but the healthy routine will improve your confidence and make you feel good.

Be Comfortable Under Your Own Skin:

Learn to accept and love the way you look. If you wish to change something about yourself, it is completely your call but, do not change anything if you cannot accept your looks because undergoing an expensive cosmetic treatment may do no good to your lack of self-esteem.

Do Not Skip on Basics:

I am asking you to be comfortable with yourself, not give up on things you can shift towards being better. If you feel you need to lose some weight, go for it. If you feel you need to change the way you look by getting beauty treatments, do not hesitate. If you feel your tooth needs fixing and you are up for dental tourism to get cheaper dental care, don’t wait. What needs to be done, needs to be done, just make sure that you are making all these changes out of love for yourself and not otherwise.

Learn Positive Affirmation:

During the self-transformation phase, do not get negative thoughts in your mind. Learn to say positive things about yourself such as ‘I am healthy and beautiful’. The law of attraction will work for you and these affirmations will resonate in the universe making them real.

Heal Your Mind:

Only physical fitness will not help until your mind is healed. Practice meditation every day, this will bring positivity from inside and all the negative thoughts will start to disappear resulting in a newly developed self-confidence.

Hop Outside the Well:

Remember the frog which lived in a well and mistook it to be the world before it hopped outside? Do not be that person who is confined to a certain standard set by the society you live in. Travel across and learn about new cultures. You will understand how different cultures have different beauty standards and at the end of the day, it really does not matter much.

You may not be the most beautiful woman in the world but remember you are the best version of yourself and no one can replace that. Beauty is not how you look from the outside but the kind of person you are in the inside and when you can successfully understand this reality, you will feel at the top of the world.