Artist Brenae is rising to the top driven by her unique style of “melodic trapp chantz” and one-of-a-kind content and talents. She is consistent in her craft and understands the power of work ethic and networking in this business.

This doesn’t mean she is a stranger to the setbacks that are often common in the industry. Namely, Brenae touches on the fear of rejection and not being sure how others are going to respond to your music. She states:

“Contemplating whether or not anyone would like your music, other than your mother, can be pretty intimidating for someone new on the scene.”

But recognizing her love for music and knowing the potential she had helped her to get past this point and ignore the negativities. Aside from that, Brenae states that prayer, believing in herself, and performing in many different types of venues helped to give her an idea of how her music was being appreciated by fans.

Brenae has continually built her brand by being persistent with networking and relationship building with like-minded people. Using social media and various interviews, she has stayed relevant in the uber-competitive Hip-Hop scene, and she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Fans and followers of Brenae can check out her latest single, “Sticky”, and hear more from her and her latest projects at her Instagram.