There is no doubt that Sweetapple Wes has had an unconventional rise to fame. He grew up as an only child in a broken home and would write short stories at the early age of 6. He later turned to dealing and using drugs in his early teenage years and not following the right path he wanted to be on.

It wasn’t long before Wes started using music as an escape from the dark world he grew up in. Music was a way for him to destress and escape reality, and he has always been able to write about both the highs and lows of life. He states:

“Music has always been more than just a pastime or hobby, it was therapy.”

Wes has always been more in-tune with people and his surroundings than most, and music has given him a way to channel his overwhelming emotions and passion into something beautiful and creative. His unique talent of mixing elements from both the light and dark sides of life is a staple in Wes’s music, and appreciated by fans.

Known for his powerful storytelling through raps and rhymes over soulful hip-hop beats, his music hits home with his generation because of the life experience he’s had and how is able to convey that through his works. 

You can hear more about SweetApple Wes on his Instagram.