There is nothing that feels bad as being broke and yet you are earning from your job or are getting some income from your business. Every end of the month, you find that you are having to deal with one financial setback after the other. It gets you stressed and you feel that you are indeed in the rat race; always chasing wind and never quite catching it.

That is the situation I found myself in when was living in Texas and had just started a startup fashion company but over 2 years in the business, I realized that I was not making even. My capital was dwindling and yet my cashflow from the business was in a mess. I had to do something.

Get an organized financial life

 I always found out that I had to pay higher fees that I ought to have done simply because I was late in payment and an interest charge would be added to the initial fee. Say for example the website domain  and hosting for my fashion website, I found that I was always late with making payments for the same and decided that if I was to stop getting stressed, I needed to organize my life so that I knew what to pay and when to pay for the same.

Take loans that you can pay

Loans are good but when you misuse them, then they become bane and you have to live from hand to mouth. When I found out that my business needed some financial investment that I did not have at the moment, I went to this site that has a list of the best online loans in Texas and took a loan to see me through until the business had its cashflow hitches sorted out.

Make the most from your income

Do not see your salary as small because when you do so, you will never be satiated and will always strive for bigger things or waste money on things that you could have done without. Plan to make the most from your income by making good use of your salary, organizing what you need and prioritizing on what needs to be done first.

Back in Texas, I found out that I was rather wasteful with the salary I was getting from my day job. I would have done better if I was investing the wasted money on the business.

Be honest to yourself

Your salary will never solve all your financial needs. Nor will the proceeds from your business. Once you realize this, you will be in a position to be honest to yourself and do not expect to solve all your problems overnight.