The world of womanhood is an intriguing and fascinating place. There are those sacred teachings of earlier times, when women (all over the world) worked together in their communities, in ensuring that fruition was spread throughout the land. When feminine energy is holistic and healthy, there is great joy within the area. For that energy to be sustained and nourished, there is a level of respect, acknowledgement, honor, and love, which must be exchanged among women. Its a reality. For such to take place, there has to be an understanding for women’s recognition that they are immersed in Earth’s timing. The elements of movement and time intertwines women with each other. That’s a fact. The intertwining of women among each other creates a level of intrigue and wonder, as it pertains to how they are meant to channel emotional richness within a community. Of course, that’s for another piece!

We are living in a world, where chaos continues to spread. Yes, there is harmony, even among the chaos. And yes, there are those women, who have managed to create that euphoria of harmony among the sisters and women, whom they interact with. Its a blessing and such energy is needed more than what we could ever imagine. This level of nurture is actually the natural way regarding how we are to navigate through life’s journey. Its a more enjoyable way. It is healing and nutritious, concerning how we are to experience the process of beauty and fulfillment, within the context of womanhood. There are those holistic regiments radiating through any given spacing, when women come together. However. . .Yes, however, such energies are not prevalent within the experiences of womanhood. The fact that such has not been questioned and discussed to a greater extent is problematic. Nevertheless, there is an ugliness, which exist within women’s circles and work spaces. Sometimes it is loud. Other times, it is silent. The silent ones can be dangerous, and far more toxic to the self-esteem of women.

Toxic femininity is prevalent and abound within the given times. Too often, this necessary conversation goes missing within women’s rights organizations, and women’s empowerment movements. Nevertheless, not speaking about it doesn’t make it any less imperative. In fact, more than ever, our discussions on toxic femininity, and the abuse happening in women’s circles, needs to happen. True women’s empowerment is for women to have made holistic coalitions, and relationships, among each other. That’s the very foundation of women’s rights. If we are going to be clear, men treat women based on how they see women treating their fellow sisters. An even more important attribute is addressing the reality that too many women are willing to be active participants in the abuse and mistreatment of other women for male favor and attention. In our discussions on women’s empowerment, a very important question needs to be addressed: Do women value the very existence of “woman,” in her natural Being and essence? Or, is there a sense of self-hatred among proclaimed “empowered” women, who observe the value of women, through a masculine definition? Are the fruits of a man’s world “more valuable” than women’s relationships with each other? Now, that is an intriguing point of meditation to reflect upon.

Sometimes, when you are alone in a giving spacing, where feminine toxicity is rampant, its difficult to “battle” that journey on your own. Really. Those toxic energies can actually be painful, sickening, and overwhelming. Yet, one of the best forms of self love comes when a woman is able to overcome those such faux behaviors, surrounding women’s empowerment, and navigate towards spaces, which are truly reflect the artistry and healing regiment of womanhood. After all, that’s how it is truly supposed to be. With that being said, here are a few suggestions for how holistic-seeking women are able to navigate through toxic, feminine spaces and arenas.

*Be Observant Edits By Lauren K. Clark

For those of us of the friendly vibe, I know its tempting to want to rush ahead and greet every woman in sight. Whether that be at our workplace, a social event, at the gym, or public spaces, some of us have that friendly vibe and Spirit. However, we have to remember that not every woman has that friendly and caring energy. Not every one of our Sister counterparts is into naturally greeting or recognizing other women. Not every woman is going to welcome your presence. That’s why its best to. . .observe! Before jumping into this celebration of Sisterhood, just watch. Sometimes, its the best thing to do. Smile, if one is warranted. However, be cautious. Its imperative! Observing spaces and situations prevents you from getting yourself involved in situations, that you will later regret.

*Remove Yourself From Toxic Spaces and Groups; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Sometimes, its best to leave those environments, which do not serve or nourish your emotional health. You know what they are. You recognize them. Even if the hostility is not being directed towards you, it doesn’t serve your womanhood to be around women, who have nothing to do but gossip and put down other women. Always remember that energy is absorbed. It is transferred, and being around women, who use their tongue as a weapon of destruction to other reflections of the feminine is the opposite of mental wellness and health.

*Seek Out Gardens; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Gardens and natural spaces can be spaces where healthy women are found. Of course, there are also weeds, in the garden. They are those women, who perform behaviors in strangling out the very life of nutritious energy. Simultaneously, those emotionally healthy and stable Sisters are more prevalent in the gardens. Furthermore, they can also be found working with other women in planting, watering, and healing. The latter is very significant, as it pertains to the desire for healthy women to see other women happy, healed, and in their best state. When women are healed, holistic energy is channeled throughout the given spacing; and women reap the benefits in experiencing feminine energy, which is truly the embodiment of women’s empowerment.

*Connect With Women Doing The Holistic Work Of Sisterhood; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

While power is in numbers, it is also true that power is based on quality. Align yourself with those Sister friendly women. They are the type of women, who have that ability to make you smile. They call you just to make sure that you are doing alright. During your sick days, they will come over and bring you hot tea or soup, just to cheer you up. Such loving women are the kind of dames, who take you out to lunch, and give you advice on love and life, from their own personal experiences. Regardless of how they bring it, they energy makes you feel so good, and restored. They are also so confident in their womanhood, that they make you feel desirable and comfortable in their own feminine essence. Hold onto such dames! They are truly a blessing in women’s culture.

*Create Boundaries In the Workplace; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

There are those of us, who heavily deal with feminine toxicity at our jobs, and among women colleagues. Sometimes, we simply can’t escape such scenarios, unless we decide to change jobs or careers. Of course, that is an option, if you have a backup plan. Nevertheless, if not, it means that you have to deal with where you are, and what you have. Dealing with toxicity within the workplace is challenging. In fact, it can be inescapable; which means that you have to delve further, and be creative, in how you are going to rid yourself of that kind of energy. Well, creating boundaries is one start. Be clear about what you accept within your space. If it means a superior, then kindly and professionally, keep that balance, clear!

*Clean Out Your Office and Workspace!

When you are trying to invite holistic energies into your work area, one of the best ways to do that is to beautify your environment. Organizing your desk, while adding flowers and colors to the mix are ways of adding life to your workplace. On a greater level, you begin to feel good. In a way, that “feel good” energy makes you attract other positive and loving women into your Circle. Often, how we treat our spacing, teaches people on how they should treat our very existence, as women. The decoration of space, is power, Everyone. Always remember that!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

*Have A Wellness Slumber Party; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Slumber parties never go out of style. In fact, who says that they are only limited to our early years of girlhood and teenage years? Even as adult women, they can still a source of comfort and of sustaining those holistic relationships, within the context of Sisterhood. There is nothing wrong with that. So, why not have one? They can be just as fun as they were years ago. Just reflect upon how you can add meditation, healing stones, and other methods of comfort to restore your feminine essence. Place fruits and all kinds of exotic dishes in the mix, and let Mother Earth have her way. On another note, select those gal pal films, and play those truth or dare games. You can even have a crying session for a good ole’, release! Counseling comes in handy for any successful slumber party, whose main objective is to establish wellness in women’s lives; or place them on the path of it. To top if off, you get to restore it with other healthy, vibrant, and fun-loving women.

Womanhood can be fun, when its done in the right company. Womanhood is supposed to be a healing adventure. Its supposed to be the realization in how women are intertwined in an infinite wealth of creative, mystery, and beauty. Just reflect upon how you are sharing this journey along with other women. If there are overwhelming vibes of toxicity, then something is wrong. There is nothing “normal” about women’s abuse and mistreatment of each other. In fact, the acceptance of such is telling about where we are as a society. Its time to encourage those nourishing relationships among women-including those we do not know. And yes, that includes the workplace. That energy should be just as alive in office spaces, as it is during social gatherings. One of the treasures of womanhood, and its beauty, is its ability to revive life. Feelin’ good in the healing process is vital. On another realm, when women are nourishing healing among themselves, the entire community benefits. Its a beautiful! Its loving! Its vital! ITS WOMAN!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark


  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.