One of the unfortunate mishaps, surrounding speech, is that it also houses a negative connotation. While words can be used to uplift an individual, it can be used to bring harm to the very existence of someone’s reputation and name. You have a number of individuals, who use a tongue as a weapon of harm. Whether they use it as a source of control, frivolous gossip (as a result of their own poor self-esteem), or just to be demonic, the reality is that there are those, who use their mouth for horrendous purposes.

The truth of the matter is that words have the power to create or destroy. It’s easy to embrace words of creation. On the contrary, it can be more than agonizing when you are having to deal with the harshness, and ugliness of those, who use their words for destruction. Sometimes, it can catch you off guard. You can be stuck, and unsure of yourself. How do you proceed? Linger in it a little longer, and you may start to believe that such lies are true. One of the painful realities about gossip, is that it doesn’t always come from strangers. There are times when it can come from family members, so-called “friends,” acquaintances, and co-workers. From wherever it may derive, it’s not pleasant. How important it is to protect yourself, name, and very reputation from the toxicity of gossip, lies, and slander. Here are a few tips in being able to overcome the challenges, when gossip has been directed your way.

*Address the Rumors

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Whether you decide to confront the rumors via e-mail, direct contact, or in a professional meeting, address them. Do it, and do them immediately. You will be amazed as to how quickly rumors, and gossip, can build up. Soon, people will see it as truth. That could be other family members, work colleagues, or even your boss. Clear that misinformation up, asap! In the workplace, it becomes crucial, especially if these lies have reached your boss, or higher positions of management. There is the reality of office politics. Be proactive with those in charge. List your concerns, and make it clear the realities, at hand. If anything, the people who matter, know the truth.

*Protect Your Privacy

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When people invite you for lunch, coffee, or dinner “to chat,” know that it’s not always out of sincerity. There are those people, who are “being friendly,” with the purpose of collecting information from you. They are in no way, trying to be kind. If you decide to accept their invitation, by all means, enjoy yourself. However, do not reveal personal details. That includes family, career, or romantic life. Even when you feel you are able to trust certain individuals, still keep your personal business to yourself. You really never know people, until they are tested. Furthermore, you never know when people will use that information against you. That can come up later in the form of a promotion, familial rank, or social standing in your circle. Keep your business to yourself.

*Distance Yourself From People Known To Gossip

As hard as it may be, many times the best way to avoid gossip, is to distance yourself from gossipers. Period. That includes family members. Some people just don’t learn until they are left lonely. Then, and maybe then, they might learn to close the lid. However, you will never know if you continue to entertain their foolishness.

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*Let Your Actions Speak For Your Name

One of the best ways of illuminating the lies of gossipers, is to continue doing the opposite of what they say you are doing. In a terse amount of words, continue to work well, be kind, and simply do positive things. Even more importantly, allow your work to speak for itself. Put more energy in being productive. Whether that is in the workplace, volunteer work, or acts of kindness, push your energy into the productive sphere. When the proof is in the pudding, your name shines, and gossipers are left looking foolish.

*Reflect On Your Beautiful Traits

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Though, we may have a tough interior, gossip and lies, hurt. They drain our very interior. Even if rumors and lies do not bother you, it’s important to highlight your beautiful qualities. During your break time, or personal time, make sure to write down those beautiful qualities, which makes you, unique. It will give you a reason to smile. Also, it will give you plenty of things to focus on, rather than negative energies, and people who thrive from them.

*Connect With Other Like-Minded Individuals

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Whether it’s your work place, family circles, or social spheres, you cannot avoid people, forever. Once you get to know kind-hearted people, center them as your support system. These people listen more than they speak. Those are the kind of people, you want to interact with. You will often notice that these people respect your privacy, as they are not asking you questions about things, which are none of their business. Plus, they have something more intellectually stimulating to talk about, other than people. Just remember that great minds are more interested in discussing ideas. Even during conversations of fun, they are more keen on conversing on positive things. Keep such minds near.

*Cleanse Your Office Space and Energy

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One of the things about space, and our personal space, is that they can attract what we reflect. If our space does not reflect our beauty, keep in mind that negative energies may feel the need to barge in and not reflect the beauty of our space. It’s very important to keep our spaces just as beautiful, as our hearts, and minds. The unfortunate thing about such, is that even that may not keep the negative energies, away. In fact, that may encourage gossipers, and negative personnel, to increase their level of disrespect. It means that you need to put boundaries. Let people know, through verbal communication, what is acceptable, and what is allowed in your spacing.


The truth of the matter is that people are going to talk about you, whether you want them to, or not. That means it will happen behind closed doors, where there are no legal repercussions. Leave such people alone, and go about living your life. Soon, you will come to find just how empty their lives are. Remember, that what you place in the Universe comes back to you.

Gossip is ugly. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to full your shine. Use your words for the beauty of others. Allow yourself to bloom by engaging with positive-minded people. You want to experience the beauty of your presence. Not only should you ignore negative words, but you should speak positive words to yourself. Erase the lies of gossip with beautiful thoughts, and allow yourself to enjoy being the very best beauty, of you!

(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark