So how do you overcome fear and worry? Right, this is something we all experience in different degrees occasionally. This is very easy to overcome once you understand the awareness.

In The Mind

In the mind. Let’s look at a simple view of time, right? You have the past. You have the present, which is now, and the future. This is a very simplified way of looking at time. Worry and fear only exist in the future. You cannot worry anything about anything

In the Past

in the past. It’s already happened, but you can be concerned or fearful of the consequences that may take place in the future fear and worry are future based on fear and worry is awareness of leaving the present moment and going into the future, creating a situation that has not happened coming back to the present and worrying about it.

A Short Story With A Lesson to Be Learned

I’ll tell you a story about a friend I know they share with me. He would always take himself out of the present, go into the future, and worry about his businesses and finances. He would worry about problems that had not even occurred yet. He ended up creating fears and worries, and those fears and worries affected his sleep, mood, and his overall health.

He learned over time through coaching to take himself out of the future and focus on the present. He would say to himself. I am in the present, and I am alright now. And that’s a beautiful affirmation to say every time you’re fearful or worried.

How To Overcome Worry and Fear

Say to yourself I am all right now, but to understand and overcome fear and worry, you have to understand awareness and the mind fear and worry are based on the fact that awareness is leaving the present moment and going into the future in your head, creating a situation that has not happened, coming back to the present and worrying about that or fearing that, so every time awareness goes into the future in an uncontrolled way and creates a situation in your mind right that is not wholesome.

Bring it back to the present and say I’m not going to let it do it, and that’s why you want to develop concentration and willpower right so you can keep awareness of what you’re doing.

It’s okay to let awareness go into the future as long as it goes into the future to think out things positively.