Overweight and its effects on health and work life

 Overweight and obesity have become a health problem for many countries in the world, where it is estimated that about 67% of the population has excess body fat. This not only affects the normal functionality of a person’s body, but also makes it more prone to accidents and pathologies of an occupational nature. It is estimated that 10% of children under six years of age suffer from obesity and more than half of adults exceed their normal weight ranges. 

This condition has repercussions in different areas that go far beyond the aesthetic. Initially, it causes several chronic diseases and negatively affects the mental health and quality of life of a person, but also considerably increases the chances of suffering accidents and work pathologies compared to a healthy worker. You can get more info about several chronic diseases but if you want to deepen your knowledge, making your own essay could be a good way. And if you want to buy essay online cheap, coolessay is a good source.

A person with a circumference greater than the recommended one:

– Increases by 31% the chances of suffering a work accident.

– Increases by 29% the chances of suffering an accident.

A sedentary person:

– Increases by 23% the probability of suffering an accident, compared to those who do physical activity 3 or more times a week.

– Increases by 75% your chances of suffering a pathology compared to those who do it 3 or more times a week.

The consequences in the organism

Obesity brings with it a systemic imbalance in which in addition to increasing body fat, for example, increase cholesterol levels and blood sugar, which in the long and short term causes visible consequences in vital organs:

Heart: Obesity over demands the normal work of the heart and increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, arrhythmias and sudden death.

Liver: The consumption of foods rich in fat, sugar and carbohydrates causes alterations in the liver, causing it to accumulate fat between its cells and become inflamed. It is what is known as fatty liver. If you’re an office man and want to consult about the consumption of foods rich in fat, you can contact Thrive Global. The Thrive Global is focused on health and well-being and changing the way we work and live to avoid the burnout epidemic we’re dealing with.

Joints: Excess weight increases the pressure and overloads the joints, causing discomfort in the joints, which can lead to arthritis.

Brain: With the overweight cholesterol plaques accumulate in the arteries and if one of those plaques breaks, it can form clots that obstruct the arrival of oxygen to the brain generating a stroke.

Gallbladder: Those who suffer from obesity are more likely to have gallstones, since they are usually composed of cholesterol.

Respiratory system: When there is an excess of fat, normal and deep breathing becomes difficult, which decreases the levels of oxygen in the blood. This can also in sleep apnea, considerably affecting the quality of life.