I think you will agree with me that over the past year most of us have felt some kind of overwhelm. In this article I will share a couple of tips to help to reduce overwhelm.  

Life can seem overwhelming enough.. add a global pandemic alongside some home schooling, working from home, massive change and I believe that overwhelm is high on the list of experiences from the past year.

When we are in a state of overwhelm we don’t get much done. Our nervous system is in ‘fight or flight’ mode, or in its ‘survival state’, which means that we are either ready to run off or fight something which is endangering our lives. You see, our nervous system wasn’t created with home schooling and modern challenges in mind. It’s literally our survival mechanism and when it is constantly being triggered, overwhelm is what we face. 

When we are in this ‘state’ it is a huge challenge to be in ‘creative’ mode; it often feels like we are running in sinking sand. Can you relate? We feel like we are in a very long tunnel and we can’t quite see the light yet. It comes and goes like an unwelcome visitor popping in and out of our mind and body.

A couple of things which really help me to regain composure: 


Take a pause. 

Slow down and breathe. 

Breathe super slowly. 

In and out. 

Pause right at the top of the breath and right at the bottom of the breath too. 

Close your eyes and really notice how your body feels. 

Taking a step back is sometimes all we need to be able to see things from a different perspective. This will generate alternative emotions in our bodies. I have several videos on my YouTube channel that teach breathing techniques which will support you in reducing stress and overwhelm.

Another super practical thing to do is grab your notebook. Draw 2 lines so that your page is in quarters. Title each quarter with an important section of your life and create your to-do list with these sections in mind. It really helps to feel like you have more control in your life and also the process of writing things down gets rid of the clutter in your own mind. This is a powerful tool to do at least once a week and then you can break your to-do list down every day which will help you to tick off those little jobs. This will not only help with the feeling of overwhelm it will also help in elevating levels of self-esteem and motivation.

Love & light,