You’re stressed. 
I’m talking on the border of having a mental breakdown at your cubicle stressed. 
The amount of pressure your work load is causing feels like a lingering dark, heavy cloud above your head. YUP. Been there. Felt that.  Anyone else feel like we were tricked into being adults? HA. 

The good news is, there’s a cure for feeling overwhelmed at work. Coincidentally, you’ll have to put work into fixing the problem but the effort will be well worth the solution and our sanity will thank you.

If you’re hanging on by a thread here are 7 bulletproof tips that will help you, confidently, get back into the swing of things at work.

You’re not fine

Standing in the mirror looking back at your eyes full of stressed triggered tears saying I’m fine. I’ll figure it out is not a mechanism that I suggest trying. The first step to solving any sort of issue is admitting that something is wrong and or broken. So, ask yourself – 

What is wrong? 
Where are you falling behind? 
What task(s) seem daunting to you? 
Where exactly are you having a hard time? Is it that you’re unclear of details on a project so you’re drowning yourself while trying to find the answer? Is it that you and a co-worker are hard core bumping heads? Could it possibly be a time management issue?

Whatever it is, identify the weak link and take the necessary steps to finding a concrete solution. 

Life expectancy

As your divulging the issue at hand also take into account the life expectancy of the work load. Is this your busy season or is there no light at the end of the tunnel? If you are able to forecast when your overwhelmingly busy time of the year is then you should do your best to mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming around the corner. If your career is not that predictable then honestly, I have no tips for you. THAT’S A JOKE. I still got you, girl. Anyway, like I was saying … if your career is more of a rollercoaster than anything else I would have your go to stress relievers in place for you to pull out of your back button on a whim. Here are 10 ways to de-stress right now.

Here’s the solution

You’ve put a lot of thought into what exactly has you feeling at your wits end at work and now it’s time to do something about it. If you are unable to make the changes on your own then I would suggest scheduling an appointment with either HR or your boss (depending on your relationship) to discuss a solution. I would not suggest going into either of these meetings with nothing to bring to the table. Rather, have a built out solution and or feedback to provide. That way, you can display not only your value and problem solving skills but also your enthusiasm for the company. 

Stop being the yes man

I have a secret to tell you.
Ready? Come closer so no one else can hear me. 

 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY YES to … everything. Being the yes man in your workspace isn’t necessarily a coveted title to have. Remember, more isn’t better! It’s simply … more. Quality over quantity is what you should be striving for. If your boss is piling projects sky high on your desk and you’re banging them out with the sole intention of getting them done so you can say yes to more well, no wonder you’re stressed! You’re producing a quantity of work over quality work and no one wins in that scenario. Taking on a small work load with a high quality outcome will catch your bosses eye more so than you running around like a lunatic putting X’s on the to do list. 

Vent session

I think the power of a vent session is completely underrated. Being able to voice your feelings has extreme power and at the end of the day, may solve everything! My one stipulation with a vent sessionis be cautious who you’re venting to. Being work related issues, I would highly suggest speaking those vented words to someone disconnected from the company unless you have a colleague that you implicitly trust. Talking through a problem and grounding yourself back to reality could be the solution you’ve been seeking after all. On the flip side, receiving input and or an opinion from an outside source could open up a new mindset or roll out new ideas. 

Take a break

You know that person in your office that always stays late and shows up early? The one that answers emails at lighting speed and no matter what, sports a smile as their best accessory? The one that doesn’t go off the radar even though it’s Saturday or the one that always volunteers? If I just described, you then for the love of God please read the following words: TAKE A BREAK. No the half assed, I’m taking 5 kind of break – I’m talking a full on break. You may not realize it at the time but the weight you are putting on your shoulders is causing your work / life balance to sway only one way and you are causing yourself to feel overwhelmed. Utilize your lunch break, unplug on the weekends and if possible, don’t stay late every single night. The smallest changes will make a massive difference in your work world. Give it a try, ok? 

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