I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop with 25 entrepreneurs this week; the topic: “What Is Your Elevator Story?”

During one of the networking sessions we discussed the news and the connection with social media.  There was a lively dialogue around sharing stories and the best way to communicate our message.

What was interesting to note was not whether a video, blog or public speaking was the best vehicle for spreading the word but rather what we share!

If we look at our social media connections, I’m sure you’ll agree, there are heartfelt messages from many talented and committed individuals about making a difference in all that we do.  Changing attitudes and inviting folks into communities that concentrate on our collective voice; creating a platform to encourage positive change. 

“Owning your story” is a common theme. We all know and understand that people no longer connect with just information, but with you and the details that we hear.  Keeping it real is what will encourage and motivate change. 

Storytelling, is becoming art in itself and what we share is just as important as how we share it. 

What is the secret ingredient? 
What is the “thing” that encourages us to listen? 
What is most important… the delivery, medium, presentation style or the story? 

We had a lightbulb moment when we realized that it is our ability to speak from the “heart” and loving yourself enough to share a glimpse or a glimmer into our authentic self.  

Authenticity is the power in owning and sharing our stories.

I’m sure you are able to think of at least one person that you’ve seen or heard who’s message had you pause and think, just think…   

I’ll bet the reason that you “listened” was because they were speaking from the heart and that key ingredient gave them the confidence to share their story.

Now, when I hear someone say that you need to “own your story,” I agree, but, perhaps what we should suggest is that we “tell it from your heart.”  That will ensure that our message resonates with the people we are most likely to attract and assist with encouraging the positive change we seek.

It has given me a new perspective on my own reasons for sharing stories.  

Every story that we share creates a new chapter in our own personal autobiography. Each book is written in real time and it takes a leap of faith to share those details through our social connections.  

Perhaps we must remember that someone is not only sharing their story but “owning it,” putting themselves out there with passion to share “from the heart.”

Each chapter contributes to our book and every story we hear is part of our life’s journey. 

I’d like to thank all of the participants who contributed to another lightbulb moment.

Own your story…it is part of your autobiography.

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, conducting keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations and creating a new definition for success.