Kickstarter Film – P A C E

We live in an ever increasing world of speed, where being alive means being online. Connected to screens and wifi rather than our environment, even ourselves.

Let’s just pause for a moment. 

Even when it comes to enjoying a classic novel we often speed our way through it.

Surely we should take our time to cherish every word of legendary works such as The Great Gatsby. Pace books encourage slower reading through the design and encourage you to read a page, a paragraph or even just a sentence. This way you focus on the writing in its purest form rather than rushing from chapter to chapter.

P A C E  is on Kickstarter and there’s only 7 DAYS left! Check it out and be part of the Slow revolution. See it here.

Just launched today – the U.S. SPECIAL! Vote for the title of the book you’d like to see printed and receive in the mail yourself! You will also have your name printed in the book as a supporter of the project, a handwritten thank you note, a signed and numbered limited edition copy of the book! Phew!

Check out P A C E on Kickstarter and pre-order your book or even a few, they will be ready for Christmas and make great presents for readers, designers, yogi’s or anyone interested in mindfulness and slowing down. 

Let’s read a real, printed book. Slowly.