I want to start out by saying I have had a blessed life. I have had amazing ups and pretty hectic downs. I can say looking back now I enjoyed every second of it. I have lost jobs due to unforeseen circumstances, gotten sick at the worst moments, took big risks and lost on them, and have had straight bad luck at about the worst possible moments ever. Most people wouldn’t see the circumstances I have had as a privileged. I do.

Without these moments I wouldn’t be as strong and as well prepared for life as I am now. I started to see my pain as an ally rather than an enemy, and started to become more at peace with my self and I started to evolve. My new perspective on pain taught me 3 things on how your pain can give you the most gain.

You Learn About Your Weaknesses

I have found that the struggle of knowing your weaknesses and working on them will allow you to ascend to higher and higher levels. By fixing your weaknesses and going through the struggle to correct them you will start having amazing ups and have your downs be less bad. Working on areas that your are weak will also provide you a new set of skills. That will not only help you when you face the same situation again but also for other situations that you weren’t prepared for.

Provides Peace of Mind

I know that this seems like the opposite of what you might be thinking when you are staring your pain in the face. During these rock bottom moments, when you do confront your pain, you start to see that you could be in a much worse situation. Problems seem much bigger than they really are. Confronting your pain allows you to have this clarity, providing you peace of mind moving forward knowing that each adverse situation is not the end of the world. Knowing this will help you keep your bearing in some of the most adverse, crazy situations and allow you to effectively and efficiently find the solution to future problems.

This peace of mind is key to living the life you want and enjoying every moment.

Allows you to Evolve

Pain + Reflection = Better you.

I can say from personal experience by losing a few jobs due to unforeseen circumstances, ignored, being called everything under the sun by many people, the pain hurts, but is so worth it. Why? Because I am in a way better situation than I was before the pain started. Because I had to learn how to grow from it. I had to evolve into something that wouldn’t have me be stuck in the same situation if tragedy struck again.

Developing a reflexive reactions to the pain that you feel during these rock bottom moments, by going toward it rather than running away from it, will provide you with the ability to evolve into a better more efficient you. Because the person who gives more when it hurts, gets more when it is over.


Everyone has bad or unfortunate situations happen to them. That’s Life, shit happens. But don’t get over it, learn from it. The pain and struggle that you felt or you may be feeling now, is natures way of telling you its time to learn something new and evolve. Pain at the end of the day is a good thing and is nothing you should run away from. Remember when the tough times come, and it will, you determine what your future will be coming out of it. The ones who give more when it hurts, gets more when it’s over.