One of the most beautiful attributes regarding a people is their cultural attire. It’s the colors they wear. The designs. Shapes. Styles. Everything about them is an expression of love’s Divine. Through the entire, is the artistic poetry and shaping of the Universe. That’s just the natural way of movement. Furthermore, there are different layers of stillness, meditation, and reflection of one’s own euphoric journey throughout the Earthly patterning. ?

Clothes are one of the forces of self-esteem. The wearing of clothes is a method of elevating one’s awareness, and awakening, of self. These are beautiful tools in the case of one’s Divine awakening. One imagines, and sees, oneself in connection with everything there is to explore the beauties of Divinity. That’s just how it works. Furthermore, there are also those precious nectars of wellness, which has a way of illuminating the powerful jewel of, love!

Moving to the land of Cameroon. And, oh what a treat the world has become. For, in the very fascination of Cameroonian lands are the people, and their cultural attire. Yes, it’s intrinsic. Evenmore, there is the spiritual depth, which comes with it. People move in harmony with the Universe on a mental level. Furthermore, they also learn how to celebrate those colors for the very wellness of celebrating one’s humanity. That’s the very intrinsic nature of moving through such a Divine awakening. What’s even more fascinating is how you get to experience it, on Earth.

The songs of a people are meant to uplift their humanity. Those musical mothers have a way of harnessing the humanity of their people-especially, during those times of chaos. For not only is it intriguing, but it has a way of securing the very wellness of a people. During those times, when things feel, uncertain, dangerous, and painful, one will use one’s music to navigate through Earth’s terrain. How intricate and quaint. Who ever knew that cultural trends and fashions could be a space of wellness? Who ever knew?

Back to the nation of Cameroon we go. Not only is it a tropical oases, but it reflects the treasures of calm and quiet spacing; through one song, that is. It is the humanity of a people-one which is not often found on mainstream television. Only by interacting with the people will you come to see it. Now, that’s real!

Sometimes, a certain love has a way of showing up when a person least expects it. When Mama understands that her children are in pain, or in turmoil, she moves through to the rescue, with sweet words of kindness (and tenderness). Her words are so powerful and rich that they re-paint the beauties of their well-being on them, all over, again. During times of pain, one needs those, all over again. Consistently. Undistracted. With love in one’s heart, and a concern for the wellness of others. The song revives the Spirits of a people, who are in need of that energy. Always. It’s why music ?? is so important. That spiritual nutrition is a life-saving tool. Through it all, there are different miracles when it comes to it. It’s the miracle in re-awakening one’s dreams and hopes, when one’s Spirit has been broken.

Clothed in wellness, the song plays on. For, there are caring attributes when it comes to the wellness of the people. Such energy is contagious, as it reminds others that they too are deserving of such a journey. They too are worthy.

Painted in Universal coloring, the song plays on. Laying in waiting for someone to preserve the stories; carrying them into the foreseeable future-permitting them to, live on. And on. And on. Paint the wellness. Paint the stories. Paint them in silence, as you listen to revival’s song.

Bebe Manga