The World Health Organsation is warning that these prolonged levels of staying at home due to the current wake of the Coronivirus. Could potentially have significant and negative effects on an individual’s mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Palestra Olimpia New Gym Director Michele Cicchiello and Fitness Instructor Dawn Jane Keogh, have suggested to their clients that invaluable tools to reach out for during this epidemic are relaxation and physical activities. Which have been proven to alleviate the symptoms of stress and any mental health issues. Further more Director Michele Cicchiello wanted to give back to his clients, which has now resulted in reaching the homes of thousands of online viewers.

The Coronavirus has resulted in the vast majority of us now working and being isolated in our homes. Therefore building a new routine and trying to give back, is imperative. It will ensure we continue to have optimum balance and satisfaction in our lives.

Here are some of the ways that you can stay relaxed and active whilst working or staying at home.

Virtual Volunteering and staying fit.

Palestra Olimpia New Gym Director and Owner Michele Cicchiello and his incredible staff decided to give back, not only to their clients but to the world entire. A weekly fitness programme was created, where staff members would be direct from the gym’s Facebook page. At specific and scheduled times troughout the day. It has resulted in over 30,000 worldwide views daily. The level of gratitude is apparaent in the comments being left by not only their clients, but by people all over the word.

Start the day with meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Start the day with 20 minutes of meditation. A personal favourite for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Hugh Jackman is Transcendental Meditation. Meditation will retrain your brain to spark thoughts of joy, when anxious thoughts may hit.

Regular Routine

Jennifer Lopez

Quarantine can finally be that opportunity for everyone to stick to a routine. A daily routine can promote overall health, welbeing and productivity. Especially when it comes to our exercise and eating habits. Create a healthy eating plan and specific times in the day when you exercise and snack on healthy alternatives such as fruit and nuts.

Putting your workout outfit on first thing in the morning. Can psychologically be an excellent way to get you set up for the rest of the day.

During this difficult period we are all living. Palestra New Olimpia Gym are donating moments of fitness and wellbeing to help you get through it. Please join them direct by commenting on their page with #gofitness and show your gratitude by ‘liking it’.