My well-being wake up call happened during a Thrive webinar. I attended a webinar during one of the online discussions, where I realized that I really need to do better with my own health before taking care of others. Because I’m an RN in the Cath Lab and I work five days a week — along with being on call every other weekend — I spend most of my waking hours tending to the needs of others. Naturally, this way of life doesn’t spare much time to focus on myself, especially combined with other responsibilities. After attending the Thrive webinar, I realized that I was not doing justice to myself with this lifestyle and that always bothered me. How could I tell others how to live healthily and mindfully if I wasn’t doing that myself?

The first Microstep I committed to was drinking hot water with ginger and turmeric. Every night I boil water with fresh turmeric and ginger, which I drink in the morning after reheating. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that make me feel better. They help diminish my joint pain and other minor ailments as well.

Another Microstep I started was meditation. For five minutes every day, mostly during my lunch hour, I go out and sit in a quiet place to meditate. I always have five minutes to spare, and this practice really relaxes me and prepares me for the rest of the day. Meditation is also great for recharging during a long shift. Ultimately, these little Microsteps are helping me feel better. 

My advice to young people is to live healthy and work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy life. Work ambitions can take over, but it’s the small moments in life that we have to cherish. Staying healthy by eating well and taking care of yourself will ensure that you have more small moments to experience along the way.


  • Palwinder Bhatti

    Cath Lab RN

    Northwell Health

    My name is Palwinder Bhatti and my journey with Northwell Health started 10 years ago. I joined as a Cath Lab RN and I continue to work with cardiac patients. I am a wellness champion and I try my best to attend the meetings and share wellness tips and healthy habits with my coworkers. I live in Dix Hills with my husband and three children. I have two Bachelor’s degrees and I am a certified Cardiology RN.