Celebrity icon Pamela Anderson caught her significant other (French soccer player Adil Rami) cheating on her, and according to reports, kicked him out of her life as fast as she could. Now the question for all of us celebrity watchers: Would we do the same if we caught someone doing us wrong?

What answer immediately popped into your head?

If it was an adamant “BUH BYE,” then you and Ms. Anderson are of like mind—if anyone dares to cheat on you, not value the queen or king that you are, they are history. And BTW, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good bye and good riddance. No gray area here. You’re decisive and know yourself. Your boundaries are strong and your self-esteem is high. Congrats.

Now, if you answered, “I’m not sure” then perhaps you are a more forgiving person. There might be reasons for cheating (really? not so sure about this), but would you take him or her back? Maybe there are children involved, maybe you really want the relationship to work, or maybe you have very strong held religious beliefs. Many a cheater has repented, the victim has been big-hearted enough to forgive, and the relationship has been mended. But there’s always that thought, “Would it happen again?” Just welcoming a cheater back into your life without some sort of counseling is a very dangerous thing. A bit of unbiased advice and guidance is definitely warranted here—before resuming the relationship.

And if you thought “Of course yes, I love your cheating heart more than I love myself” then you just might be setting yourself up as the proverbial doormat. Why would you do this? Check yourself into a class on self-respect and at least move yourself into the “I’m not sure” category. Cheaters know when they have a partner they can push around—don’t let this be you!

The bottom line: Sometimes you need to clear things up…there are incorrigible cheaters and then there are one-time only, very regretful sorts. Trite as it may sound, life is definitely too short to be unhappy, so you know if someone is worth keeping around. Figure it out, and then, as they say, move on.

Auntie actually has a Helpful Hint about this:

Here’s a practical little reminder: just as the bread plate goes to your left, while your drink goes to your right, your current beau should always be within arm’s length, while his ex-wives and girlfriends should always be in another zip code.

Finally…Auntie wants to know—has this happened to you, and if so…how did you handle it?