Willian D King

Most people across the globe are finding themselves immersed in a grave mental health crisis. While the impact is not so grave in few countries, others are reeling under the threat and their mental health clinics are already flooded with such people, of course virtually.

In this write-up, let us find out how anxiety and depression are making inroads into people’s lives for the worse.

Federal agencies had warned earlier that a historic wave of mental health crisis would impact the global mental health landscape. And it will not be wrong to say that the same has come true.

Social distancing, compulsion to adhere to protocols for safety, and prolonged confinement are the main reasons for this state of mental health.

Willian D King highlights the overall scenario in the United States here

Many Americans have confessed that coronavirus is affecting their mental well-being as per a report furnished by Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Federal agencies had set up emergency hotlines so that people could approach them in emotional distress and surprisingly, this hotline registered a more than 1000% rise as of May 2020, which was a remarkable increase as compared to April the same year.

In April 2020 approximately, 20,000 individuals have sent text messages as confirmed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Many online therapy service providers recorded a 65% increase in their list of clients since February last year.

According to Talkspace co-founder and CEDO Oren Frank, “People are really afraid”. Talkspace is an online therapy company.

It also found out that the emotional stress and mental health crisis are mainly due to coronavirus-related anxiety.

Several models have been created by researchers on the basis they have collected post-economic meltdown and natural calamities. It indicates that it is likely that there might be an increase in the number of unnatural deaths due to suicide, substance abuse, and overdose deaths due to the mental trauma people are undergoing during the covid-19 period.

Willian D King agrees to the same as statistics data support what has been said in the aforesaid sentence.

Experts say that whenever a disaster strikes any nation, aside from causing extensive damage to life and property, it also causes psychological and societal damages. And if it is a disease like COVID-19, most of the attention is diverted to nullifying the adverse effects of the disease and taming it. But what is oftentimes ignored although not intentionally, are the devastation caused to families and households, the endless mental trauma, and the suicidal thoughts that take lives in the process.

Research has time and again established that there is a close link between suicide, substance abuse, and economic upheavals that reign supreme whenever a pandemic like a coronavirus strikes people across the globe.

However, several efforts are also being put in, to curb depression and anxiety-related deaths and trauma. All you have to do is an approach for help and most importantly realize that you need help.