Due to this Pandemic, we see a different scenario from the last five-month. Businesses were closed and millions of people got affected worldwide and in that USA show the most significant slowdown and deaths over the previous 100 years of their history.

I feel due to this Pandemic some groups of people may face a disproportionate mental health impact during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In this everything comes from people, migrants, colour, and various ethnic backgrounds. We can make a big debate on this topic, but I feel we might see such issues in coming time for a year or two if things don’t come under control.

It is the fact that the current situation has affected people’s mental health as much as their physical health, and it is no secret. No work, people are losing life due to COVID-19. Many today are facing anxiety issues, mental stress and all.

To come out of these people now need work, especially those who are young and of mid-age. Entrepreneur Garrett Shiner – Shiner Marketing feels at this time if you are right in marketing then you should join online work. This field gives proper scope and opportunity to earn something in life in this most significant slowdown of our era.

Garrett Shiner feels yes it has affected our lives personally and professionally, but he feels we have to find a way, and according to him you can do that by doing some work. In the past three months, he has done a fantastic job even in this slowdown which shows that if you create an opportunity, you can earn even in Pandemic. It can change your way of life to the positive side and help you remain stress-free.

Garrett Shiner says we have to create a world where next-generation doesn’t face such problems in businesses. Else our society can go in deeper trouble both financially and mentally. Pandemic has been a learning lesson for us. So it is the right time to gear up again to fight against covid-19 and bring back the economy on track with new ways. @garrettshiner