100 years ago, American women changed the world by securing the right to vote. Now, during this intense and volatile time in our country’s history, it’s time for women to step up and change the world again.

As women, we are at a crossroads, a critical intersection between what was and what will be. We are facing an unprecedented window of opportunity this very moment. We are in the midst of an epicenter of change.

Will you choose victimhood or victory? Powerlessness or power? Here are five ways women can make an impact here and now — not only for themselves, but for everyone, for the future of our world.

1. Invest in Life-Changing Endeavors: Forget the “old guard” belief that an investment is only worthy if there is a measurable financial gain. Choose to invest your time, your money, and yourself in endeavors that provide support, change lives, help people feel safe, and help people feel cared for — including YOU. Don’t focus on short-term decisions centered on the almighty dollar; focus on big-picture actions that help create a world where we lift each other up instead of knocking each other down.

2. Become the “Lion Inside”: We were taught that we’re supposed to be quiet and small like cats, but we all have the power of a lion inside us. It’s time to wake her up, sweet sisters, and roar when we need to. Look at where the world is now. It’s going to take all of us to create a meaningful, life-saving shift. So STOP hiding behind smallness. Break that mirror. All it holds is the illusion that we have to wait for someone else to give us power.

3. Stop Apologizing: I’m not talking about not owning it if you’ve genuinely hurt someone. I am talking about the apologetic way of being that thousands of years of patriarchy has ingrained in us and convinced us it’s “right.” STOP apologizing, and START owning your power — every woman, everywhere, every day. If this pisses people off, that’s on them. Don’t stay inside the box of who they told you to be.

4. Redirect the Media: Ask for and tune into more women-driven news stories. Women are changing the world right here, right now, today. Champion women’s stories from all walks of life.

5. Demand Change: From local and national politicians, to business leaders, to community leaders, to store managers, use your voice and your hard-won vote (thanks to our sisters 100 years ago) to demand change. The time is now.

As we straddle the present — with one foot in the past and one foot in the future — what choice will we make? Will we choose to shift our focus to the power we do have, or will the old narrative, with all its negative perceptions that we (and our neurological pathways) have grown accustomed to, continue to take a front-row seat? Will we choose courageous leadership and stop repeating, reliving, and reiterating old ways of being and thinking? The choice is ours. The choice is yours. What will you do with it?