What does the new world of pandemic recovery world needs? Digital mindedness, remote working friendly and upskilled citizenry: as the unmasking of old skills, filtering of old thinking and transformations on fast track. National deployments and mobilization of entrepreneurial programs are critical; so are the Empowerment of Women to get equality and entrepreneurial experiences. Blueprints on progressive stages will guide towards occupationalism of the restless citizenry and bring grassroots prosperity. Digital platform economies, global exportability knowhow and innovative nations will survive. Everything everywhere in commerce will start from a solid digital base, digital thinking and digitally influenced imagination, no business model will survive without block chain AI+AR+VR and national mobilization, hence a boom to platform centric economies. Come 2021 – Rethink, Reset & Restart and start upskilling, reskilling across the working citizenry.

Beneficiaries: are those nations and regions working in complex digital spaces, comfortable in 24x7x365 working models and open to globally accessible remote platforms. Enemies: Paper based and gradual approval process hungry, bureaucracy supervision dependent, office politics supporters seeking sluggishness as rewarded on annual events.  Adjustments: Understanding of differentiations, applications of never-stopping constant digital polishing and adapting,

Entrepreneurialism-Rich: There are those who managed lemonade stands in Kindergarten and today hardly require any degree in entrepreneurialism. Those who missed, self-discovery will awaken their talent as if new sleeping giants. Remember we are all born entrepreneurs; we slowly lose it to our negative surroundings and culture trying hard to shut us down. Out of box living seriously conflicts with nicely packaged inside the gift boxes nicely scotch taped style living. Time to break the chains and be liberated. The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols for digital platform economies and upskilling for innovative excellence and exportability argue such points.  Beneficiaries: The daydreamers, the innovative drifters and the crazy developers of ideas, the early risers, the latecomer to meetings, but those always happy with difficult challenges and risk takings. Enemies: Those, who do not rock the boat, do not speak, do not hear, do not see, just stay on old procedures whatever they are.  Adjustments: Debates on ‘why not’ and long sessions on how make something happen and advanced performance

Cultural-traveler; there are five continents, 200 nations, 5000 languages, 2000 cultures and millennia of history, the terrains, oceans and animals and all thriving with amazing people. There are population-rich and knowledge-rich nations, but why are their worlds so different? Blessed are those who have open minds and souls. The rest self-imprisoned in their own minds, lost in the darkness of their own fears. The borderless world of commerce always needs colorfully smart; open to diversity, expressive ideas to bounce in global space with national and global collaborations.  Beneficiaries: The open minded of the world, the survivors of the post Coronavirus world, the immune, the enlightened and knowledgeable appreciative of humanity and the planet. Enemies: The destructive minds in search of towers of debts, insecure and power hungry in need to prove right all the time, afraid of truth and facing realities. Adjustments: Watch 100 Foreign movies, listen to 100 international songs, 100 cuisines and get lost in the world of connectivity, embrace futurism

Remote Working Friendliness: the upper-class working societies acquired the taste of sipping champagne, now high value results and performances via remote flat screens. Suddenly, Solo Remote Performance, bouncing with other large talent pools and self-discoveries of their own hidden talents all are new fashionable working standards. The centricity of downtown cores will lose their superiority and bring mega shifts in value offerings on office spaces. Beneficiaries: Excellent performers are working remotely as complex problem solvers skipping complex commuting and independent thinkers opening borderless opportunities. Anywhere or everywhere, culture makes remote working new status. Enemies: Bureaucracies where decorum runs procedures, organizations locked with limited imagination unable to explore the national global growth. Adjustments: Declare 100 days of remote as test pilot project across the organization; create a new bonus system where new ideas and new leads add to new reward pools

Robot-whisperer;  The fear of being attacked by robots or attacking them angrily for stealing your jobs, now replaced by whispering technologically advanced ideas on automated processing in order to liberate humans to allow them to do their own independent things; higher level thinking and self-discovery. The humanization of technology starts. Time to stop unnecessary touching of documents and compilation to arrive approvals now such stages fully robotized.  Humankind was not supposed to do laborious things; transformation from raw ‘manpower’ to ‘mentalpower’ is dramatic and creatively freedom-friendly Beneficiaries: are where automation is faster than rate of change, lifelong learning as the foundation, where future accepted to think better ideas. Enemies: Where incompetence rewarded as established bureaucracy, where silence considered wisdom, smartness feared, and upskilling need as notices of termination. Adjustments: Create daily sessions on lifelong learning and critical thinking as key topic of day; declare self-discovery basic and complex problems solving a necessity

Extreme-Quality-Centric: upon understanding perfection, start breaking down perfection and discover imperfection, the process never stops. To achieve any distinct superiority start all over again, and again. Quality is a relentless nonstop eternal process; the new world already flooded with junk in the age of abundance has no more space left for additional junk. Quality speaks volume, adds value, profitability and slowly creates a global image. Beneficiaries: are the Masters of global image supremacy, students of perfection, real value creators. Enemies: Cheap commercialization hit and run ideas.  Adjustments: Re-visit, re-evaluate and re-think. Pursuit of perfection is a gift.

Become Innovation-crazy: Complex problem solvers emotionally bonded to innovative thinking, almost crazy observing and analyzing problems seeking automated solutions with extreme scalability. Ask questions, search for light under the sun and acquire understanding of darkness in a darkroom. Innovation is all around us, we have to learn to see it. Magic hidden in our inquisitiveness needs strength to deny status quo and demand change. Love your surroundings, acquire training on self-discovery to become like diamond-grinding on skills; all rounder, multifaceted, highly focused but reflective in all directions, tough, crystal clear, valuable and shiny, not just any stone, but a diamond always grinding to perfection.   Beneficiaries: are those outside the boxes, independent thinkers and leading futuristic organizations. Enemies: those with untapped minds twisted with climbing Ivy on cemented moist edifices and comfort seeking culture of the past ignoring risk taking adventures in the future.  Adjustments: build new sandboxes to play, create new high standards to swing and build likeminded teams to move mountains. 

The rest is easy