Were we living in a foolish paradise?

Our mega cities kept on expanding but within their downtowns kept on shrinking, demands for spaces always skyrocketing; working conditions compressed and sardined, traffic flows jammed and renting of smallest space meant large bags of gold bars.

Everything became unaffordable for downtown office workers.

The quality of working-life deteriorated, stress suffocating, breathing unbearable and mental productivity in decline. After decades of surviving in such overly complex ant-colonies and termite hills, suddenly, enters the Covid-19, and orders… people congestion restricted, office cubicles banned and commute to downtown from faraway places just to work declared as century old cruel and inhumane model.

The freedom bells rang, the sound of chimes heard all over the world, responded by zoomerang culture of remote working. A new dawn appeared. Billion displaced anxious for long term and better solutions

The twists of futurism demands clarity of understanding to avoid marching blindly

The Economy Issues:
What is the future of downtown office, downtown towers, downtown retail and downtown economy?

What is the economic endurance if prolonged recovery prohibited reopening for another six months?

What is the future of commercial real estate of developed nations and super expensive downtown?  

The Human Productivity Issues:
What is the future of unique productivity embedded in remote working and global access to sharper talents?

What is the future of hierarchical boss management over flat and open talent pools with independent leadership?

What kind of work models will survive and succeed and what models will fail but why?

What do you think?