When population of the world start believing that the future control buttons belongs to artificial intelligence a global fear emerges making public nightmarishly afraid. As the post-pandemic recovery period gets chaotic, fakery stripped naked, while truth, realities rise to the front, so we have to deal with the facts, as “Artificial Intelligence is Artificial Ignorance” and now our times demands a new humanized perspective towards automation and robotization of societies. The original notion of some ‘fake pretense of smart results, produced with brilliant programming  creatively termed as ‘artificial intelligence’, originally, sensationalized by Hollywood, commercialized by Silicon Valley, sloganeered by Stock Markets and blasted by Media all as a sophisticated marketing strategies to sell innovative technologies.  

Just notice, brilliant pre-programmed software resulting in multiple-choice results, as if our thermostat is in reality not sensing our goose bumps and adjusting heat but simply programmed to read a thermo-sensor. So unnecessarily all over the world, humankind fears the arrival of shiny-creepy-glass-eyed-robots, mysteriously motivated with artificial intelligence taking our jobs, controlling our lives, stealing our money, taking way our children and runaway with our loved ones while some creeping in our dimly lit bedrooms.

Hey Google, call a Robocop…

Smart robots will not take our jobs rather help us achieve our superior performance. A toaster was once a smart robot of sorts, ejecting toasts. Today, the world has dramatically advanced, smallest and the cheapest robot in the hands of five billions is a smart mobile phone.  As we enter, the other entrapments of audio-video-augmented-virtual-reality giving us levitation sensations in real time, we owe a lot to new technologies to help our minds and performance to advance.

There is nothing to fear about automation, robotization and artificial intelligence.

Think how advanced programming will replace all laborious and mundane work freeing us to think more. How fast can we adopt and jump ahead with our own mind. When our body failed to fly with cardboard wings our mind invented jumbo jet. Imagine a world where all kinds of robots assisted us in all chores and office work. Like cars, elevators and dishwashers of the past. Hey Google, order a brand new customized kitchen…and negotiate the price and payments…right away

Five ways to avoid artificially-intelligence-driven-nightmares

Start thinking how to achieve mastery over our self;
constant advancements, digital mindedness, self-discoveries

Start deep study on critical thinking,
complex problem solving, and mix match talent with technologies to advance

Start discovering independently available entrepreneurialism
lifelong learning; find a sand box to try ideas

Stop the social talk about how machines overtaking humans;
discuss how fast they help us to advance rapidly

Stop on whatever keeps us very busy today
as future is about much more free time to think

Stop slowly most physical-work while slowly advance
to mental-work and find relaxation in the process

Even if all this not directly applicable, as we advance, in reality most laborious and mundane tasks of ‘human-work’ now slowly moving towards ‘mental-work’  while smart robots to assist us, therefore new skills with complex problem solving and critical thinking are essential. Therefore, AI is not taking your jobs, but offering much more rewarding job opportunities where our current and hidden talents will rise with our mental powers to shine. The race to achieve supremacy of artificial intelligence among nations getting into a very tight race, the Quantum Supremacy by Google is a highly positive global news item.

Masters of Robots are the newly upskilled, Slaves of Robots the deniers of change

Pandemic Recovery: Humanization of Artificial Intelligence: The future of the technologically driven sectors is much brighter with newer smart algorithms. Post pandemic world faces couple of billion workers displaced. We do not require a billion robots to replace human workers but National Mobilization of upskilling of billion workers to recharge their productivity and humanize their links to advance technologies. The human inter-phase compounded with smart technologies, like “Electro-Ergonomics” where upskilled work in full AI+AR+VR+AV+Remote Working freedom at far superior human performance, this is where mental-work shines.

Futurism is Workless; study deeply and acquire tactical skills to combat such battlefields.

Such robotization advancements can only be good news. Smart nations have real opportunities to do something manageable right now before this turns into restless citizenry embracing populism. Nations must decide, either to invest in riot-gears or invest in lifelong learning and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism.  What is the Shape of Pandemic Recovery?  The five billion connected alpha dreamers will somehow change the world, with new thinking and new models; a new world is unfolding in slow motion.