The superior technologies across the world have now reached their successful stage where populace of their nations now appears to the masters of the nation monitoring from clouds telescoping across the land looking at their citizens as stripped naked subjects. The world of surveillance is now a fully legalized, institutionalized, somewhat cannibalized but still in the right order fitting any typical normal demoralized day.  

Here come the pandemic dance teams; swabs, masks and full DNA routines…sleepingmattresses with sensors to report your last night to your bosses, showerheads to measure how you play with soap and toilets to signal management if you have the stomach to cope with agenda on hand…for a start.  

These brilliant programming and spy-hungry tinkering on privacy deployments are results of systematic data collection and innovative incubation of gentle spying over last many decades finally now showing results and getting ready for next advancements for coming decade. Pandemic recovery prolongation greatly provides immediate new expediencies to such mobilizations. Can we now survive in digitally controlled societies where our daily public and private behavior and our patterns or sorts and drifting thoughts monitored? Are we entering a digital Utopia or a newly defined cyber-hell of sorts; if so are we creating balanced communal living or just witnessing dangerous globally connected chaos in slow motion?

Today, all our information ranging from age, sex, height, weight, habits, consumptions, habits, spending, savings, incomes, taxes, affiliations, hobbies, blood pressure, pulse, medical records, clubs, socialization, living, bedrooms, swimming pools, cars, prescriptions, credit cards, thinking, opinions, writings, jobs, education, voting, all of this plus 100 more… captured, shared on various touch points and digital platforms. Phone conversations and Social Media history are all additional deluxe accessories along with street cameras and facial recognition technologies.

Welcome to the naked lined up of citizenry of any technology driven nation.

Pandemic Recovery brings us closer to new and bolder discussions, the taboos and forbidden thoughts protecting fermented bureaucracies strangling grassroots prosperity for the last decades are also stripped naked, here, the three current challenges;

Organized data is a very good thing; organized management on that data management is like icing on cake, just like a screwdriver, a good tool to build a house but disaster in hands of a half-blind optometrist. The credibility of government and senior leaders across the board is at the bottom; therefore, trust is the missing link. The pompous leadership of hyper-inflated economies and tumbling leadership in panic makes them peepers on privacy and creepers on freedom, selling information to highest bidders. Unless such issues are resolved, the soft-gentle caressing surveillance in the name of fear and security is going to crawl in the bedrooms of the nation, under the blankets and between the pillows. 

Nothing can stop this…

Pandemic recovery must deal with such issues, as new levels of digitization with artificial intelligence will lay the foundation of advance global digital platforms with dog-sniffing capabilities. The strain on humankind causing emotional damage and fear to the citizens will add havoc to metal illness.

The rise of digital enterprises on digital platforms and remote working on digital highways all combined creates the best ever opportunisms of digital-speed and accurately measured economies…the same digital tide with sniff dogs will also put the same nations naked in one large hot-tub.

Pandemic recovery is shaking down the economic trees of nation-by-nation; the already upskilled nations with emotional endurance and good infrastructure will play big hand in developing new methodologies. Same goes to for barebones stripped highly populated developing nations, as with only a single mobile digital device they can bypass stages and jump on to the latest digital platforms and enjoy the ride. Stuck are the mediocre nations, deeply stuck in bureaucracies and refusing to global age changes. Overall, the change will create a new world.

The remains of 2020: now that the most anticipated year have shown how world can lose its shine in the first half, now we watch what happens in the next remaining half. Every single day will have a critical test, nation-by-nation, history made; critical thinking and demographic shifts will define new economic and sustainability models. We must embrace technologies as our growth patterns. Finally, the calamities may enforce living in diversity, tolerance and equality a possible path to grassroots progress.

Plan wisely and discuss openly.