Paniz Esmaili is a talented child actress who’s helped hundreds of individuals achieve happiness through her movies. Today, we will learn the values and principles that Paniz applies daily to help her overcome anxiety and achieve success as a child actress. 

Dealing with fatigue

Being a young star in the industry can be very exhausting, dealing with the amount of pressure can be difficult. Paniz has been able to pull through all of that by placing her passion in her art. In doing this, she is able to do her work fluidly and with lots of joy.  

She does not compromise on adequate rest and healthy meals. Making sure that her childhood is in no way affected by her famous lifestyle, she engages in extra-curricular activities that are particular to 

Drawing Inspiration

Paniz draws her inspiration from the people she is surrounded by, the people rooting for her, and the ones that constantly acknowledge her work. The occasional thought of what she is yet to achieve and what she can accomplish also plays a role in helping her move forward. The support of family and the advice that she receives from the adults she is surrounded by have helped her grow in her career. 

Achieving Success

Her journey to fame and eventual success was difficult at first, Paniz had to deal with being shy and was able to overcome that by building her confidence.  She learned to be comfortable in front of a camera and has since completely adapted. Being a complete natural, she has been able to win the hearts of a wide range of audiences.

Future Plans & Advice For Young Stars

Paniz has learned to live in the moment, it is one way to appreciate life to its fullest. She has plans to continue along this career path she has embarked on, leaving room for possible changes in the future to come.

Paniz advises people striving for success to continue to follow their dreams and to be passionate about whatever path they decide to journey on.