Ben Duval - Pantheon Founder/CEO

Panthéon Boxing & Fitness is a fitness studio based in Buckhead, Atlanta that offers group fitness classes to those who want to get into boxing and experience training like fighters.

White collar boxing inspired, Panthéon is dedicated to promote authentic boxing by stressing the importance of teaching as a key element of success (small group class format, from 6 to 8 per class) in a premier facility and a friendly environment.

All trainers, certified and professional athletes with solid background deliver high quality training to almost private training sized classes that are uplifting and yet very challenging.

Panthéon primarily focuses on boxing but also supplements its offer with a variety of fitness and yoga classes, specifically designed for you to get the most out of your workout experience.

Pantheon’s Inception

The story of Panthéon – Boxing & Fitness is quite unique.

Benjamin Duval, a young 28-year-old French entrepreneur founded Panthéon in January 2019.

After a few years working for startup companies mainly as a business controller, Ben came to the USA with his vision to open a French-inspired boxing gym that would look exactly like him.

Ben has always been into sports and fitness, but to understand what really motivated him to pursue this dream, we have to go back to year 2014 when he first started boxing in Paris in the gym called “Temple Noble art”.

Initially, Ben took up boxing as a new sport and challenge, mainly to find a way to relieve all stress and anxiety from his day job. He immediately fell in love with it – love at first punch, and soon enough it became much more than a hobby.

The dedication to understanding proper technique, the discipline and strategy behind boxing as well as overcoming all its underlying physical challenges fascinated Ben and soon enough boxing became a crucial part of his daily routine.

Ben has always been involved in a lot of different sports throughout his life such as karate, judo, swimming, tennis etc., common ground factor of it all being the social cohesion and interactions, all the relationships people are able to build through sports.

Indeed, in addition to its undeniable physical development, people who practice combat sports such as boxing usually have shown to have a more balanced lifestyle that translate outside of sports, directly linked social cohesion built with others and through the community they belong to which almost feels like family – “I have definitely created genuine relationships through boxing and met some of my best friends, no matter where I was” reported Ben.

After 26 years spent in France, Ben moved to the USA to work in the city of Boston, MA.

According to Ben, one key success factor for his smooth integration there was boxing, which he continuously practiced to fulfill both his physical and social needs. “Not even a week after moving into my Airbnb, I was already looking for a boxing gym before even finding a more permanent place to live in”.

The drive to create his own fitness community and spread the love of boxing, exercising, and the feeling of accomplishment is mostly what gave birth to Panthéon.

With Panthéon, Ben wishes to give people something to look forward to before or after their day – a time and place that feels truly unique and offers a way to escape and disconnect.

Pantheon is more than just a fitness gym

Unlike most fitness studios, Panthéon offers a true holistic fitness experience.

At Panthéon, you will get a total body workout aimed at making you a complete and fearless athlete.

Boxing will implement the desire to excel in any given situation, boost your cardio by requiring optimal focus (body and mind connection) while drastically improving your motor skills and ability to remain calm in tense situations.

Fitness classes will improve your strength and endurance by training your body as a whole, creating more awareness of how your body moves through space and resulting in more body control.

Finally, your mobility will definitely get better with the practice of yoga, which will develop a solid structure for any athlete to build on and maximize their chances to avoid muscle imbalances and injuries.

Because the classes are purposely kept in a small group format, all the trainers will actually have time to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you get fast results and making sure that you constantly remain challenged.

At the end of the day, what makes Panthéon different is its ability to teach and make boxing accessible to anybody in a very empowering way, making people feel more in control, giving them a positive experience with movement, sweat and stretch, and therefore improving their overall and long-term physical performance and mental wellness.

Keeping it simple and authentic, while offering a wide variety of options is all part of the daily accomplishments of Panthéon’s community and what deeply ties them together.

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