Eric Dunavant

With a holistic plan and strategies, he helps families not only learn about saving for taxes but how to be able to give back to the causes that matter to them, while also preparing their future wealth whether that means growing businesses or tending to money matters and how they impact family relationships.

He’s won numerous accolades such as the New Orleans City Business Money Maker award, The New Orleans Area Five Star Professional Wealth Manager award, and Safe Harbor’s Real Man of St. Tammany Parish award. He’s also gone on to create a non-profit which helps share the joy of service with others to build stronger communities. His faith-based non-profit, created with his wife, is the To All With Love foundation and focuses on helping those in Central American villages along with U.S. neighborhoods. 

One of the challenges they face has to do with changing the face of the financial planning industry. The impact of making this about families and communities means more people will be helped, rather than only a few people at the top of the pile. The way to make change is with intention, and he feels that to properly plan what’s best for his clients, it starts with intention and their client’s personal values.

Once he understands the client’s wants and needs, he’s better able to laser focus on the best plan of action for them. Paradiem looks to offer long-term goals, so their clients can achieve the results that give them the best well-being that fits not only their personal financial needs but also serves the family for generations. 

When it comes to multi-generational wealth, growing businesses, and being able to give back, Paradiem happily guides their clients with carefully crafted plans and strategies so they will be able to achieve a better financial outlook that will also align with their hopes and dreams for the family.

The most important thing a family can do to get started is to focus on core principles that help you build healthier money mindsets, along with changing behaviors. This can be a challenge for some families as money matters can cause relationship rifts. Paradiem believes that meeting families at the intersection of family and finance provides a path to work through some of these misunderstandings, so they can try to undo some of the issues that may be stopping or stalling their financial goals.