Parents are constantly bothered by the thought of safeguarding their children.  However, teenagers have their special demands. Hence, the mechanism of solving these problems should be different. In their growing years, they might get confused due to some happenings. Be it peer pressure, inferiority complex or any other issue, only parents can wisely bring their child out from the state of dilemma.

Most of the times, it becomes tough to address the issues of problem and parents might neglect them. Consequences of this factor can be noticed in various ways. Seeking answers from social media, getting influenced from their peers or indulging into wrong acts are often visible in such cases. If you look carefully, you also can find the positive effects of social media on teens.

Contrarily, children should be motivated to put forth questions in order to clarify all their apprehensions. Moreover, as children grow up, they tend to socialize, get hooked to networking, play online games and be a part of various activities.

Parents have right to know whether their kid is on the right track or not. Nevertheless, the idea is not to develop a sense of fear in the mind of child at all. He/she can respect you and confide in you only if your behavior is soothing. As a parent, you should try to understand the problem of your child rather than scolding him/her for the wrong he/she has done. Here are few of the loopholes which have been noticed in the parenting approach of most of the people:

Never sacrifice a relationship or let it get affected:

It often happens that you tend to neglect the requirements of your children.  As a result, they may end up seeking answers from the outer world. This is where they get confused whether to accept the opinion of their peers or not. On the other hand, you should never let any impact of scuffle or quarrel with your partner affect your child. Mostly, when your nature reflects your anger while handling the situation of the kid, it can de-motivate him/her to ask you question. Basically, due to sense of fear, he/she might not highlight the actual problem.

Bad touch and good touch knowledge:

At a young age, children are often susceptible to child abuse which results in low esteem. Specifically, when you are not around, it is impossible to know what actually has happened in your absence unless your house has got a surveillance system. Be it a housekeeping staff, relative, friend or any known person, each individual has his/her peculiar traits yet, you must stay alert. With growing paedophile cases across the world, one cannot trust any person. But, you should take a wise step and teach your child about good and bad touch so that he/she becomes familiar with wrong advances of a person in future. Your initial education regarding this subject will remain with your kid entire life and he/she can always stay safe.

Take a little step to make your child responsible:

Truly speaking, parents can inspire their children to a greater extent. If you want your child to realize his/her responsibility, then, it will be through actions. Actions speak louder than words because your kid will learn to practice the same. Preaching about something is a bygone as practical lessons work faster in current times. To be precise, if you want your children to do their laundry, keep their room clean, cook for themselves or do other household work, then, setting an example would be the best thing. Sense of realization is the key factor to be focused over here.

Addressing emergency situations:

No doubt, you might not be available right next to your child every time, Right? Well, there is nothing to be worried about such a situation. The smart thing to be done is preparing your children to address emergency or unusual activities. In the modern era, android phones come with safety alert apps which can notify you about the well-being of your child. However, if your child is very young and you won’t prefer handing him/her a phone, then, basic training will be sufficient for him/her. Safety cautions and staying alert are the ideal principles to be taught to children so that they don’t get nervous when you are not around.

With these parenting tips, you can definitely act as a backbone for your child’s future. He/she will surely enjoy a fruitful, happy and blessed life if you invest on his/her upbringing in the initial years.


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