Early childhood is the most crucial time of any child’s life. The ‘formative years’ as the 2-8 years of age are called, happen to be a period when every child develops physical and mental skills as well as the personality traits that guide the child’s behaviour throughout his/her life. 

This is why, parents of young children are always on the lookout for best practices and learning aides/opportunities for their kids which can help with their mental and physical development in the right manner. It is not exactly an easy task considering the extent of digital technology that young children today are exposed to. A generation ago, childhood activities meant playing with toys like building blocks, reading comic books, playing outdoor games in the evenings with children from the neighbourhood. Summer vacations meant visiting grandparents’ homes and playing board games  like carom or Ludo with siblings etc. 

In the 21st century, all these things don’t work well enough with the kids generally. In recent times, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has further hampered the outdoor activities and interactive games that children could learn from. As a result, the children are now using digital technology and internet for their studies, interactions with friends and for entertainment purposes as well. 

While it has been well over a year since the young children regularly went to school, their learning clock is ticking as fast as it ever did. This is making a lot of parents anxious about their children missing out on crucial values,  behavioural maturity and development in these turbulent times. The concerns are valid, but, instead of panicking, the parents need to find solutions that can be put in place easily and effectively. 

For instance, the good old art of inculcating moral and other values through story-telling has neither lost appeal nor impact on the children. In fact, the reason why story telling works so well with children is that their young brains are imaginative and impressionable. When they are told the stories, they not only visualize the incidents, but, are also curious to know in detail about everything. 

With changes in social and  family structures, a lot of urban children don’t live with grandparents and the busy lives of parents also leave little scope for story-telling as a regular activity. In such a scenario, the  best option is to use an innovative smartphone app like HeyCloudy which can help parents in guiding their children in the right way. 

The app is a treasure trove of learning in a screen-free manner. It features a vast collection of curated stories which are told by the app in the good old world style. The stories pique the interest of young children and make them curious about various aspects of life, values and good  behaviour. The content on the app is handpicked by experts to cater to 2-9 year old children. The screen-free storytelling style of the app also gives parents an opportunity to bond with their kids in a new way. Imagine cuddling up with your child and listening to his/her favourite story as you also get quality bonding time and conversations!

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