I recently saw a post with someone featuring their sleeping child. She asked if anyone else took pictures like this. Ah yeah! I laughed because just a few short days before I took a picture of my daughter catching some ZZZ’s.

What is it about a sleeping child that is so beautiful? Well — everything.

Life has a funny way of happening and we sometimes forget — forget to just pause and enjoy everything around us — even our kids.

Work… school… activities… dinner… laundry… bills… cleaning! Let’s face it, we are running around so crazy most of the time we wish we could squeeze in a few more hours to get it all done. Who has time to reflect, let alone just sit down and really enjoy our crazy kids?

There is something to be said, though, about the importance of stopping — just stop.

Recently there were fresh flowers in our dining room and literally every time I walked by I smelled them. Every time. My family thought I was a little nutty but enjoying life with all of our senses is so important. Yes, stopping to smell the roses is a tad cliche but it’s so true. Right?

Stop and smell the roses

So when I see a little sleeping face it makes me pause. It’s like a huge reset button that says STOP! Stop and appreciate this little person. Appreciate it all — their whining, crying, fighting and also their health, inner beauty and innocence. Life is that much more special with them in it. They are like those roses. So, enjoy them.

The next time you see your child sleeping, stop and enjoy it. And if you can snap a quick picture — do it! They may hate it but when your heart needs a smile, pull it out. It works every time.

“The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.” — J.H. Oldham

Stop. Smell the roses. Enjoy those little faces.

Originally published at www.happinessdepends.com.