Mila Kunis become a household name when she was just thirteen years old when she was cast in the hit show, That’s 70s Show. In this show, her character was in a relationship with the heartthrob character played by Ashton Kutcher. Now several years after the show has ended she and Ashton Kutcher are now happily married with beautiful children.

Kunis and Kutcher have two children together, Wyatt and Dimitri, and we know that Kunis must be a great mother based on her parenting rules she has talked about to the press. So keep reading to discover ten parenting rules that Mila Kunis follows.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

When you are a parent it can be easy to think back to times when you messed up and wished you handled a situation with your child differently. And a big parenting rule that Mila Kuns follows is not being to hard on herself, according to People.

Kunis knows that no one is perfect and being a parent is something new to her. So instead of beating yourself up about what you did or didn’t do for your child, let it go and keep being the best parent you can.

9. Be selfless

When you have kids your whole mindset about life can change since you know have a little one to take care of. Cosmopolitan has done an interview with Kunis where she says that she is tired all the time since she has become a mother, but she doesn’t care about that.

She cares about her children making memories and being there for them. Being a selfless parent and making sure you are putting your children first is a guaranteed way for parents to know that they are always doing what is best for their children.

8. If her kids are happy and healthy then nothing else matters

Parents always say that they want her kids to be happy and healthy and ET Online mentions that this is also a belief for Kunis about her children. Though you might think this is just a saying, once you become a parent you truly will believe this saying for your kids as well.

This is because life is crazy and there is a lot of unknown things about what your children will be like as they grow and develop, but if they are happy and not hurting themselves or others then your child is on the right path for a great life.

7. Remember what’s important

With the creation of social media and people sharing every detail of their lives it can be hard for parents not to compare themselves to others. It’s just because when you are sitting at home playing with your child you can see how twenty other parents are spending their day with their little one and they should have thought of that instead.

6. Don’t overthink things

As a parent, your brain is going to start working in overdrive as you try to do everything in your life and According to ET Online, Kunis has stated that being a parent it can be easy for her to overthink things such as if she overreacted towards her children or should have done something different for them.

But she goes on to say that parents can’t keep doing this to themselves since it is going to drive them crazy. Take this page out of Kunis’ parenting book and don’t let things you did for your child throughout the day bog down your mind.

5. Her kids must know what hard work is

Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, have both been people who came from humble beginnings and worked hard to get to where they are now. Kunis has spoken to Cosmopolitan that he kids must learn what hard work is. Kunis does not want her kids growing up feeling entitled and being given hands outs.

She wants her kids to work for things and understand what hard work is. This is a wonderful parenting trait that she believes in since it will teach her kids what life is really like.

4. Her kids come first

When you work and have kids life can feel a little hectic with you not knowing how to balance it all. Kunis has mentioned to Uk’s Baby Magazine that her kids will always come first.

This is wonderful to hear since her job can keep her away from her kids when she is working on set or promoting her latest projects. And Kunis has taken time for her family since she first became a mother when she stopped working for multiple months to spend time with her newborn.

3. Ask for help when you need it

Being a parent is not easy, but sometime sit can be hard for us moms to ask for help. Pop Sugar reported that Mila Kunis has no shame for asking for help when she needs it. Asking for help does not make her any less of a mother, in fact it makes her a better mother since she is now able to get the help she needs for your little ones when she is not able to do everything on her own.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed make sure to ask for help from your friends and family. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed make sure to ask for help from your friends and family.

2. She does not spoil her children

Some celebrities are known for spoiling their children like buying houses for eight-year-old and gifting giant unnecessary toys that no one really needs. But Kunis is not about that trend in celebrity parenting. The Kyle and Jackie O Show states that Kunis is not going to be spoiling her children as they are going up, and yes this even includes that holidays.

We applaud this style of parenting and we think this will help Kunis and Kutcher raise well-rounded children. We hope that other parents, not just celebrities, will take this rule when raising their little ones.

1. Don’t let outside opinions affect your parenting

An awful trend that is happening nowadays with parents and other parents is judging how someone is raising their child. According to Vanity Fair people criticized Kunis for breastfeeding her child when they were in public. Kunis has stated that she is not going to let others dictate how she should be parenting her children and this is how you should feel too.

Others are going to have something to say no matter how you are parenting it that can make you feel insecure if you let how others think of you. Just remember that you are your child’s parent and you will always know what is best.

Originally published on Moms.

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