In the notice of everybody, one can easily understand the legitimacy and importance of the following life stages of the human being that is, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Old stage.

There is a certain limitation/boundation or one need to understand to establish control on oneself through these stages of life and each stage is equally important because there is always something new to learn throughout. As growing up, we people faces almost all types of different situations which help us to be and make us a wholesome person as we are today. The most important role in building a person’s self image is that of parents. It is said that “If the parents are a mirror, their children are their reflection”.

They are the ones which takes up the responsibility of making their child a better person with the help of in-built moral and social values. As its in the nature every parent wants to make their child stand on the top of this world in the image of the child himself/herself as well as in the eyes of other people. But nowadays, situation somewhat is going complex or it could be said that only we people are increasing the complexity of human relations.

Each and every aspect of lives are changing, so as the perspective/living statements or perspectives of the growing children are changing. If we are able to gain knowledge from the elder people or people from older times, they have leaded their lives with the lesser amounts of regrets with themselves and their parents. No doubt, things were harder at ancient times, a very particular and typical lifestyle people used to lead following strict discipline and rules. But their boundation of relations were strong and everlasting which included everybody’s consent to make decisions whether small or big members of family and they see to it that integrity is maintained.

In today’s life, these things are missing which are making the lives of people somewhat critical that they think is to understand each other. Every single little thing of life is changing and is taking a diversified turn. The things which teenagers or adults think as the “interference” of the parents are actually the advices or guidelines which a parent try to make his/her child understand as their parents have undergone the same situation as their children are facing.

As a responsibility or by all their love, a parent want to groom the child from all perspectives of life. But sometimes children misunderstand and take it wrong way, the things which every parent does to make their child’s life easy and close to perfect. With the coming up of independence era, as mentioned causing diversity of living perpects have undergone change which one cannot expect to that. All people want to overcome each other’s life showing their superiority, their status, their enhanced lifestyles. So as children nowadays, since as aoon as they reach their teenage try to act as adults which is some what becomes a matter of thought to their parents.

Children or adults wants to become more mature than their age and try to take control of their own lives disregarding the feelings of their parents. Children starts pondering and reacting upon small things which the parents try to make them understand at their growing stages, the things can often make a parent think and worried about their child. Little things are like :-

  1. When children talks with people on their phone, they doesn’t like if their parent ask them.
  2. If children goes out, they do not want that their parent should ask when they would return and where they’re going?
  3. Often the parents ask their children what they’re doing or why they’re doing?

Such little things for the teenagers or adults becomes a point of interference, they think it is being made and their parents shouldn’t do like that. But they don’t understand that its a CONCERN which a parent keeps for their child only thinking their child shouldn’t pursue a wrong way to life. Indeed ‘Life is Beautiful’, if being lived with an appropriate vision and perspective.

We people need to have a wider perspective and thought process that is utmost important to understand our relation with each other and make it one of the priority. We should understand why our parents stands a concern for us, maybe they are right, as they want all our good being and they don’t want us to regret on such own taken decisions and things we shouldn’t do. They want us to be become a better decision maker.

Equally parents should realise that children wants certain kind of independence taking their own decisions. They should be given a choice better to understand. Parents should not even try to become ‘investigators’ in lives of their children. They should create a more of favourable environment for their children so that they feel free to express their opinions and to discuss what they want to do in lives. Parents should become more of friends, sharing their experience and giving their wise advices. Making their children also to understand consequences of every decision they make.

We should cherish every beautiful moment in life. Happiness goes the double when one understands the meaning of being together. Just there is a need to onlook every situation from two sided perspective which leads to better understanding of each other’s viewpoints.


  • Shaima Khan

    Founder Of Artizone Information, who has interest in content creation and managing web analytics

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