As the sun is always shining and strife begetting strife somewhere, I choose to find the joy filled rooms…some of our ancestors learned to breathe underwater and became the Green race as did some of our evolutionary pre-cursors made Atlantis’s Bimini Road the party of a life-time, I am seeking that place in space where light-filled joy is the objective instead of the gloomy doom forecasts…

photo: Gabriel Barathieu/UPY 2017

Before the ride sharing service became popular, über was a common German word meaning “over” or “beyond.” With this in clarity, I seek like minded souls to claim we are über the nonsense and haven’t sold out or lost our souls to the demonic carpetbaggers who want us not to dance, romance or find equanimity.

Inner peace doesn’t have to be the other side, it can be the side of virtuosity we claim and hold onto.

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