?‍♀️I wanted to take a moment to share an amazing story of how our passed over loved ones can influence our lives. I recently read for a US singer named Zenya. I spoke a lot about the Eagle and her special connection with that and she confirmed that she had dreamt what I was speaking about. I showed her my new deck of Oracle cards ‘Whispers of Healing’ saying I felt like her mum had selected them (picture below). Later I mentioned her journal, with her mum showing me that the image was similar to my Oracle cards. Zenya admitted she hadn’t journaled in a while but would start again. This morning she sent me a photo of the cover of her journal and it struck me how similar it was to my new Oracle deck. She took a pic of the illustrator and it’s the SAME PERSON!!I remembered that the whole time I’d been at Cafe Nurcha, where I purchased that deck from, I had ringing in my left ear (feminine) and to be honest, that’s the FIRST time I’ve bought cards from that store. I just HAD to have them. The other thing Zenya noticed was the Eagle perched in the woman’s hair in the picture below!! Her mum had been with me before Zenya even booked her reading, influencing my purchase and it is my strong belief that your loved ones choose me before you find me ?