A four-letter word to describe passion

LOVE? EROS? ZEST? BRIO? GRIT? RAGE? All are correct meanings but the 4-letter word I most associate with passion is; PAIN.

The word ‘passion’ originates from the Latin word passio which means ‘to suffer’. In previous centuries passion referred to pain and suffering or fits of madness. (1)

Have you sometimes felt you were ‘suffering a fit of madness’ to pursue a life passion?

I recall some significant life events: mastering a high-grade piano piece, pursuing a teaching career, falling in love, learning Latin dance, training to be a life coach and counselor… all activities involved both the pain and pleasure of passionate indulgence.

Can we experience passionate pleasure without the counterbalance of pain?

I don’t believe we can. No one qualified for the current Olympic games event without years of disciplined commitment, to push through the physical and mental pain required.

Yet, some people go through life only wanting to play with the positive elements of passion. An expression such as ‘follow your passion’ is viewed as a flashing neon light to fulfill egocentric desires. To welcome pain into the mix of passionate experiences is not always a conscious choice, but persisting with the ‘good pain’ will achieve the desired outcome.

Good pain is pain that ends pain or increases pleasure” Dr. Henry Cloud.

What does experiencing good pain feel like?

This question can be answered by a mother, after giving birth 🙂 Labour pains are not comfortable, but knowing the pleasurable outcome of welcoming our newborn baby allows us to endure the process of pain.

Labour pains will be experienced with launching into a new career, birthing a business idea, or beginning a relationship with someone. Most life achievements involve the reality, ‘No good pain, no good gain’

The pain and pleasure of passion are always intertwined.

When we choose to persevere we will reap the rewards of our labour and of our love.

Living … it’s an adventure of a lifetime.


(1) https://onceuponawrittenword.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/the-metamorphosis-of-passion/