Yesterday on my way home from work, I bought my ten year old son a toy piano. Well, it is not so much of a toy because it can make sounds and he can play ‘Hot Cross buns’ among other kids songs and spend a great load of time working on it. The thing is that I have noticed that he has a keen sense for music and everytime we are on the telly watching people playing the piano, his interest levels get so much piqued that he will not concentrate on anything else. At church too, he has been attending piano classes without my knowledge and so on Sunday after mass, I was surprised to see him on the piano with the choir master as he was playing “Worthy is the lamb”. And so when he saw me unpack the piano from the flimsy cartoon that it was in, he was elated. It is as though I had just answered his prayers.

He hugged me and smiled so big that no matter how much dent the cost of the toyish piano had made in my pockets, I felt overjoyed; there is nothing as good as seeing contentment in your child. Every parent deserves that innocent yet overjoyed smile plus that tight embrace they give you.

Parents need to invest in their kids

If you have seen some innate talent in your kid and wish to build them so that they shine in that one ability, then you really need to seriously think about getting them tools that are going to help them realize those dreams. In my case, I know that great musicians have been built not from anything else but having support systems, people who minded about what they were interested in and put them in that line of achieving greatness.

It is not so much about having the cash to buy them expensive gadgets but encouraging them daily; because kids love that, telling them that they can be great and connecting them to mentors who will prop them to the next big thing in their lives.

Once they are propped, expect them at the top

While I am not able to buy my son a professional piano like the ones at, I am sure that one day he will be able to use his talent, earn and then get a good piano for himself without having me to cough out anything. And I believe that is the best gift that a parent can expect from their child. That after supporting them get a footing in that talent that they are today showing, they will amaze you later when they are able to do so much with it.


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