A great saying goes, “passion is oxygen of the soul”. Indeed when you turn your passion into your purpose, you will get the exact path of your life. Every individual in this world is passionate about something or the other. 

There exists this one work or job in everyone’s life that they do with utmost enthusiasm and ease, the work where they never feel drained or tired about. All of us have something that we enjoy doing or performing the most without any fatigue and irrespective of any other thing. 

Though every person develops interest and becomes passionate about something at least once, in their lives, a very few of us dare to go against the norms of the society while sticking to what we want and follow our heart.

 Also, lack of opportunities is the reason that more than 70% of the youth chooses to settle for a career or job they pursue out of their wish or intentions. But, like most of the success stories if you wish to walk alone on a road traveled less, you are sure to face criticism and negativity. 

Therefore, you ought to be courageous enough to follow your passion, make it your purpose and bring your life to the track on which you want it to be for yourself.

Be confident about your choice:-

You have to stay firm, confident and positive about the choice that you have made for yourself. You must be ready to accept all the pros and cons of your passion which it brings with itself. 

Also, before making others believe about your decision, you yourself should be an ardent believer of your choice to keep going in the right direction for achieving all that you desire.

           Let your actions speak:-

No matter how much you fight with the world verbally, people won’t agree or believe or support until you prove yourself to them with your achievements. Even if it is a minor one, 

a step towards success and a positive result of that step will eventually bring positive response for you and this is where your actions will suffice with all what is needed to be done.

            Plan, Prepare and Proceed:-

If you really wish to take hold of your passion and create miracles out of it, the only key to it is dedication. Dedication doesn’t only points towards repetitive efforts on something you want to achieve but it is more about taking every step of the ladder with proper planning and preparation. 

You have to proceed with a proper strategy and body of work that you will follow all through your way. A certain set of rules for no one else but yourself to keep you focused and engaged in your passion.

            Accept Suggestions and Criticism:-

Following your passion amidst all the negativity is one challenging deed and not all are brave enough to continue with it. When you are on the path of your dreams, you will come across a lot of obstacles which are to be overcome. 

There will be people who would give you honest feedback and suggestions about your work and then there will be people who would always end up criticizing you always. You have to be stable enough both mentally and emotionally to accept both, to come out with flying colors.

           Be inspired and become an inspiration:-

Whatever your passion may be, you will surely have an idol that you must have been following ever since your passion existed. All the way through your decision and choices, it is your inspiration that has kept you going till now. 

You have become inspired and you should strive to become someone else’s inspiration for the future to come. This is how you keep going ahead with acknowledgment, appreciation and sometimes criticism.

Your passion can be anything that exists under the sun but what matters is your courage to pursue it as a career, for a livelihood. Each one of us has madness about something but not all of us have the courage to accept it. Your passion can serve all your dreams if you are brave enough to make it the purpose of your life.

Anthony Robbins, Speaker and Author ~

“There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.”